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University Committee Meeting Minutes 2015-11-23

approved November 30, 2015
November 23, 2015

UC members present: Broman, Edwards, Litovsky, Meyerand (chair), Wendt

UC members absent: Wanner

Others present: S. Smith, J. Smith, Richard, Felber, Studer, Bernard-Donals, Radomski McFadden, Bump

1. Meeting called to order: 1:10 PM.
2. Meyerand called attention to salary memo from Vice Provost for Faculty and Staff Bernard-Donals. Litovsky asked about effect on recent promotions and possible “crunch.” VPFS will be at next week’s meeting and can address this point. New rates approved. 
3. Legislative update (PROFS)
a. O’Meara called attention to UWS task force materials and PROFS email discussions over weekend. Concern that UWS PTR proposal allows one unsatisfactory review to trigger discipline. Edwards noted that the UWS proposed policy is substantially different than what it used to be.
b. Broman highlighted three areas the UC should respond to. 
i. Faculty layoff aspect: any individual on list can trigger DCMR. UC should endorse collaborative process. Edwards and others pointed out that program discontinuance should be separated from curtailment, modification, and redirection. (This is a fourth point for response.)
ii. Result of unfavorable review: There has to be allowance for another review, response, appeal. 
iii. Provost role: As worded appears provost can skip remediation.
c. Ample discussion. Broman will draft response to Behling (copying Millner) and special UC meeting will be held to revise and approve.
4. Broman moved to convene in closed session pursuant to Wis. Stats. 19.85(1)(c) and (f) to discuss personnel matters. Seconded. Motion passed: 1:32 pm.
5. The UC nominated 7 faculty and 5 backups for the Arts Institute director search.
6. The University Committee nominated faculty members to the 6 categories of experts requested by UWS for phase two of the Strategic Planning process.
7. The UC discussed membership and chair of CURAFA.
8. Broman moved to reconvene in open session. Seconded. Motion passed: 2:01 pm.
9. Provost update (Sarah Mangelsdorf)
a. Mangelsdorf asked the UC whether there are guidelines for timetable creation, specifically how class times are chosen/assigned. This has been traditionally left to departments, only some of which have enforced policies; there is no campuswide enforced rule. Ample discussion, including examples, incentives to get off TR schedule, time to degree. 
b. The UC asked Mangelsdorf to support pulling Madison PTR draft from UWS tenure task force agenda. Mangelsdorf strongly agreed. SOF will draft letter to UWS from Madison task force representatives.
c. Continued discussion of UC response to tenure task force agenda. Mangelsdorf supports UC position.
10. Chancellor update (Rebecca Blank)
a. Continued discussion of UC response to tenure task force agenda.
b. Blank updated UC on foot- and snowballs.
c. Blank called attention to Madison’s new Rhodes Scholar.
d. Blank updated the UC on leadership dinners on racial issues, one of ongoing conversations.
e. Blank briefed the UC on meeting DOA head Neitzel and staff.
11. Broman moved approval of charge to ad hoc committee on academic calendar. Seconded. Approved unanimously.
12. Discussion of campus climate survey. Consensus that survey as drafted, along with comments from provost’s office, is good and gets at climate issues of concern to UC. Wendt will report back to WISELI.
13. PROFS annual report (Judith Burstyn).
a. Burstyn reviewed the PROFS annual report, highlighting lots of good work. One of most effective efforts was social media presence. PROFS will do its usual coffee and cookies before Senate.
14. Meeting adjourned: 3:13 PM.

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