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University Committee Meeting Minutes 2017-02-06

University Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes approved 02/13/2017
Minutes for February 6, 2017

UC members present: Amasino, Bowers, Broman, Litovsky, Wanner, Wendt (chair)
Others present: S. Smith, N. Bertelsen, M. Felber, J. Richard, H. Daniels, O. Arain, M. Aust, C. Springer, M. Mayrl, A. Kindschy

Chair Amy Wendt called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m. Ruth Litovsky summarized recent discussions among Big10AA shared governance leadership. Member campuses looking to work together to oppose immigration executive order, reach out to legislatures, and generally provide resources to assist with communication with external audiences. One concrete idea is welcoming sign for doors, either using a common format (the Big10AA group has created one [Big 10AA welcoming sign]) or individually designed signs; WISCAPEs announcement of a national teach-in represents another idea. Ample discussion, including of ways to create group position documents and/or encourage participation in national efforts. Wendt will announce ongoing discussions at Senate and invite submission of ideas and concrete resources to OSOF. Litovsky and Broman will work on a draft for possible presentation at March Senate about ways to have voice on these issues.

The minutes of the meeting of January 30, 2017, [University Committee Meeting Minutes 2017-01-30 ] were approved. Michelle Felber (PROFS) reminded folks about the state budget address on Wednesday and a meeting that same day of the Group Insurance Board, which will consider a variety of self-insurance options. The UC discussed the student request to circulate their petition on campus carry to faculty, as academic staff have done. Following rather lengthy discussion, the UC asked the SOF to send a message to faculty.

Provost Sarah Mangelsdorf and the UC discussed transfers between tenure and clinical tracks. The UC will finalize specific wording for divisional committee guidance next week. Broader equity issues will take longer, involve more people, and tie into other issues to be discussed, including guidance and best practices on revising/updating appointment letters. SMPH Dean Golden raised this topic with the UC in December 2014 and will be invited back to continue the conversation. UC may have some data requests as well, including whether tenure rates in SMPH differ from other schools. Mangelsdorf followed up on earlier discussions around academic staff instructional titles. After much discussion, all agreed that campus should continue with plans to charge group to look at these issues, even with Systemwide titling and compensation study occurring at the same time. SOF will work up draft charge for UC to review with provost and new CHRO. Broman asked about cluster hire program and Mangelsdorf concluded her time with the UC reaffirming her (and other leader) support of the program and recommendations. Problem remains finding funding.

Chancellor Rebecca Blank summarized the Madison-hosted Board of Regents meeting: lots of useful feedback on her presentation and everything went well. Blank discussed the 1st-generation transfer proposal, a priority conditional on funding that would fill unmet need for WI residents. Guarantee would be for one year, two for Pell-eligible students. Transfer agreements with 2-year campuses are completed and tech schools agreements in process. Ample discussion about using data analysis to identify areas for intervention to reduce time to degree. Blank will be at WARF meetings Thursday through weekend. Annual budget meetings with deans have begun.

In the limited time remaining before Faculty Senate, the UC discussed the track issues and identified additional questions/concerns: How do other institutions approach clinical appointments? Should changes to our divisional structure be considered? What should be the role of clinical vs tenured faculty? What is the boundary between the two? Do SMPH departments have different needs/priorities than the deans office? Wendt adjourned the meeting at 3:04 p.m. 

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