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University Committee Meeting Minutes 2018-04-23

University Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes approved 04/30/2018
Approved Minutes for April 23, 2018          Approved April 30, 2018

UC members present: Amasino, Bowers, Litovsky (arr. 1:04), Ventura (arr. 2:17), Wanner (chair), Warfield (left 3:51) 
Others present: S. Smith, J. Richard, J. O’Meara, H. Daniels, L. Stoddard-Cameron, K. Wolf, C. Goldberg, Cameron, A. Brooks, R. Crystal 

Chair Anja Wanner called the meeting to order at 1:02 p.m. and called attention to materials and upcoming events, as well as the election of two new UC members. Jack O’Meara called attention to the “Establishment of Study Committees” document [link] and encouraged people to get in touch with him with ideas of faculty members to nominate. O’Meara reports that this is an excellent way to showcase faculty expertise. He also reminded all present about the Shared Governance Forum to be held on May 3 [link].
GLBTQ People in the University committee co-chairs Steph Tai and Kelly Krein presented the committee’s annual report. Highlights of the two-year period covered by the report include the institutionalization of the committee into FPP Chapter 6, an hoc committee on equitable & inclusive health care, student climate survey, gender inclusive restroom facilities, and much more. The UC asked several questions and heartily thanked the co-chairs for their service.

The UC reviewed the Faculty Senate agenda and materials. With regards to the UAPC-approved restructuring of the Department of Linguistics into the Language Sciences Program, the UC recognized the need to allow the unit to go through its planning and rebranding. Conversely, the UC feels that additional study is needed on the issue of department-like bodies and tenure before making any final decisions on the broader matter. To avoid a series of one-time exceptions to a rule that has not yet been fully defined, the UC will (1) advance the Language Sciences proposal to the Senate as an informational item, along with its decision to approve the transition of the current tenured members of the department into the program, and (2) appoint an ad hoc committee to study the topic of departments, department-like bodies, and tenure. The UC also discussed other items on the May Senate agenda, which will be reflected in the materials for that meeting.

Dean of the Graduate School Bill Karpus and the UC discussed a submitted Faculty Senate resolution about payment of segregated fees by graduate students. Karpus confirmed that there was indeed a policy decision made outside his office to start requiring seg fees to be paid by graduate assistants before the first paycheck of the year, instead of after the third paycheck as is currently the policy. TAA, Karpus, and others worked with Business Services and Bursar and got verbal commitment from UWS and BoR that this policy will change back to the way it was. Ample discussion on best way to proceed with resolution in order to encourage this resolution and also to encourage incipient discussions about including these fees as part of what stipends cover. Author of resolution will send a new draft to UC by end of week. Karpus also reported on a policy proposal discussed at GFEC to require graduate programs to provide PhD students with annual assessment on progress towards degree. While there seems to be broad acceptance of the principles behind such a policy, there is significant disagreement about details and how to implement. Karpus will continue to push for this and work on faculty buy-in. Karpus’s time with the UC concluded with a broad discussion of the policy on criteria for academic staff to serve as major advisors (FPP 3.05.H.), which will be voted on at Senate in May.

Director of Workforce Relations Patrick Sheehan, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources (OVCRGE) Julie Karpelenia, and TAA representative Sergio Gonzalez, David Natvig, and Megan Maguire (as well as other TAA members who were present) reported on work of the Graduate Assistant Policies and Procedures (GAPP) Committee. This committee is addressing the need for updated and ongoing graduate assistant policies and procedures to replace the labor contract, the authority of which was removed by Act 10. Both administration and TAA representatives have approached these discussions with sensitivity and a desire to preserve the work of over half a century of collaboration. They are working through issues one by one and will present their recommendations as well as areas of disagreement to senior leadership (especially corporate sponsors: provost, VCFA, and DGS). Ample discussion ensued.

Ruth Litovsky moved to convene in closed session pursuant to Wis. Stats. 19.85(1)(c) and (f) to discuss personnel matters. The motion was seconded and passed at 3:21 p.m. The UC considered and approved two leaves of absence, approved a one-year extension of the appointment of the chair of the Rec Sports committee, and divided up duties for identifying possible members of the search and screen committee for the WSB dean. The UC discussed a recent CFRR case and nominated faculty members to serve on a de novo review committee for that case. As requested by the CFRR, the UC will appoint one of its own members to serve as contact between the de novo committee and the department. Litovsky moved to reconvene in open session. The motion was seconded and passed at 4:20 p.m., at which point, Wanner adjourned the meeting.

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