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University Committee Meeting Minutes 2019-02-04

University Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes approved February 11, 2019

Approved Minutes for February 4, 2019          Approved February 11, 2019 

UC members present: Amasino (chair), Bowers, Ventura, Warfield, Wolf

UC member absent: Campagnola

Others present (in addition to others mentioned below): M. Felber, J. Smith, J. Richard, H. Daniels, M. Mayrl, C. Springer

Chair Rick Amasino called the meeting to order at 1:03 p.m. Secretary of the Faculty Steve Smith called attention to UW System restructuring update in Box. Terry Warfield reported on the recent UWS fac (and other) reps meetings. Topics at those meetings included TTC advisory structure, concerns specific to other campuses, and search committee structures for chancellors. There was also a brief update about the proposed program productivity policy, a revised version of which is expected in March or early April. The minutes of the meeting of January 28, 2019, were approved.

Professors Ian Baird and Jenna Loyd discussed a revised resolution on investment alternatives. UC very supportive of the document, and appreciates the changes made. Suggestions were made for minor changes, primarily to provide sources for the information cited. Baird and Loyd will make these modifications and submit to OSOF in time for a first reading at the March Senate meeting.

Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning Steve Cramer reported on the student survey step of the HLC process. About 2000 students responded, 87% satisfied or very satisfied and another 12% neutral. Among the themes Cramer identified in the comments are: concern about diversity and inclusion, expert faculty who do not teach well, complaints around graduate student seg fees, and some politically conservative students who feel animosity. Cramer’s office is directly positioned to respond to concerns about teaching. Ample discussion followed about teaching awards (what is being highlighted and rewarded), training and mentorship opportunities, and more. Cramer provided an overview of available professional development related to teaching. Cramer’s office is working to provide one central place for this information, including a decision-tree through which people can get to the specific training they are looking for. MTLE, Blend, and Teach@UW take in about 200 faculty and instructional staff a year; another 2000 take the workshops yearly. Course design initiatives were also discussed, as well as the desire to create a flow where this professional development returns to programs in a permanent way. Yet more discussion followed, including pressure points, reviews such as PTR, communication channels, and more.

Chief Diversity Officer Patrick Sims reported on plans for the March Senate meeting, the 2019 Diversity Forum, the April Leadership and Diversity Summit, and the target of opportunity program. Ample discussion followed about most effective diversity and inclusion strategies with relation to tenure guidelines, diversity statements, experiential learning opportunities, and so on. Agreement that incorporating diversity and inclusion into tenure guidelines should be explored and studied.

Chancellor Rebecca Blank explained how leadership make decisions about closing due to weather. We almost never close for snow unless the buses aren’t running, but for cold we use NWS guidance. There is a well-defined process, but perhaps could be more transparent about it. Blank reported on flooding damage in Vilas and Chemistry. Over last several weeks, Blank has met with state legislators and governor’s staff about budget. WARF and alumni events next week; ASM student council and Madison-hosted BoR this week. Funding decisions for DreamUp Wisconsin will be made soon; two campus proposals have been accepted. She concluded with a brief update on searches and a discussion about what is required externally for searches and what requirements we have imposed on ourselves. Amasino adjourned the meeting at 2:34 p.m. 

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