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The School of Human Ecology website is 'visual forward' as a key strategy, meaning excellent images are important for both our storytelling and smart user experience (UX). We endeavor to make content accessible and inclusive for all audiences.

Human Ecology's self-service photo library:

To get started and download from the photo library:

  1. Visit the library at
  2. Click Login in the upper right corner
  3. Click the link to sign up for a free account
    1. Email: Use your wisc email address
    2. Password: Create a unique password, DO NOT use your NetID password because this account is not connected with Single Sign-On.
  4. IMPORTANT LAST STEP: Once you’ve created your account, email and the Advancement & Communications team will give you access by adding you to the Human Ecology Community group in the admin-side of PhotoShelter.
    1. In the email, include the email address you used to create the account.
  5. Download high-quality images (in multiple sizes) of faculty/staff headshots, Nancy Nicholas Hall, students, classrooms, events, and more.

University Relations Photography Policies and Guidelines

Understand the University's photography policies and download a standard Permission/Model Release form here:

Photo submission to the Communications Team:

Photos should be:

  • high resolution photo
  • jpg or png format
  • Ideally 1920 pixels wide (minimum 900px wide)

If you don’t already have a photo:

  • Have a friend take a few on their cell phone
  • Good lighting is key - outside, in front of greenery, no harsh shadows on you
  • Portrait mode on the phone, if possible.

NOTE for all portrait submissions:

Please send us a very short (125 characters max) description of what you look like in the photo. 
YOU are the best person to describe yourself or the image. The description will be used for alt-text (alternative text) and allow folks to enjoy the image the same way a vision-abled user would. Tip: Think about how you'd briefly describe yourself in the photo over the phone.

For example:

close-upof a bear's face

Bad: We're zoomed-in on the face of a brown bear – sometimes known as a grizzly – gazing majestically into the middle distance. Perhaps she's hungry, or has spotted a threat?

Bad: bear, brown bear, grizzly, grizzly bear, mammal, carnivore

Okay: Brown bear

Good: Close-up of a bear's face

    Alt-text is the copy read aloud to users by screen reader software, and it is indexed by search engines. It also displays on the page if the image fails to load. Learn more about alternative text.

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