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Grad Student Lounge ReminderFor those students who use the grad student lounge, please be mindful that this is a shared community space where everyone should feel welcome. Specifically, the refrigerator should be a place for anyone to store their food. Typically, the food in the fridge is brought by individuals and not for shared use. If there is food for shared use, you can place a note on it saying "shared" meaning it can be used by anyone. Otherwise, if the food is not yours and you did not bring it, please do not take it. Thank you for being good citizens of the graduate student lounge community space! 

UW-Madison Edward Alexander Bouchet Honor Society Self Nomination Now Available! 

The Edward A. Bouchet Graduate Honor Society seeks to develop a network of preeminent scholars who exemplify academic and personal excellence, foster environments of support, and serve as examples of scholarship, leadership, character, service, and advocacy for students who have been traditionally underrepresented in the academy. In the spirit of Edward Alexander Bouchet and the scholarship, character, leadership, service, and advocacy he exhibited both inside and outside academic realms, inductees into the honor society bearing his name must also exhibit these same outstanding qualities.

Each year, UW Madison is honored to induct 5 dissertators and/or postdoctoral researchers to this society. Dissertators and post-doctoral researchers can nominate themselves by emailing the following as a single PDF file to by January 31, 2022:
  • A completed application form
  • A current CV
  • Unofficial transcripts from all graduate and professional schools attended
  • A letter of recommendation from your dissertation advisor
  • A letter of recommendation from another faculty member who is invested in your research

Grad Student Directory: Photos and Bios Needed!!

Thank you to everyone who has submitted a photo and updated their bio! If you haven't done so already, please add this to your list for the end of the semester or for winter break. We'd love to have ALL grad students with a photo and bio on the website especially as we approach recruiting season and some of you hit the job market. 

The directory of all SoHE graduate students is now available on the new human ecology website BUT, there are many grad student bios and photos missing.  All grad students are listed in the graduate student directory on the people page and in your individual program academic program page.  To submit your grad student bio, please fill out this google form ASAP!  

Spring 2022 Enrollment

Spring 2022 enrollment is LIVE! is where you can see the course offerings for Spring 2022. You will be able to find your Spring 2022 enrollment time in MyUW under the “Course Search & Enroll” tile.  The first step to preparing is to review your graduate program course check sheet and/or meet with your faculty advisor.  If you need permission to enroll for independent study or research credits for spring, please contact and they will be able to authorize that for you. 

Spring 2022 Course-Curriculum 975: Cultures of Design in Education
Meets Thurs 1:45-4:15 and is co-taught by Peter McDonald ( and Chris Kirchgasler ( 

Design and design thinking are a ubiquitous approach to problem solving in the contemporary world. At the same time, design is also composed of particular epistemological commitments, histories of practice, professional guidelines and heuristics, and legacies of mentorship. In this class we examine the broad impact of design and design thinking on education. In some cases, schools have become the direct object of design, through curricular planning, the architecture of playgrounds and classrooms, the assemblage of classroom technology, and the development of learning games. In other cases the relationship is more circular.   
While the principles of ‘good’ design in educational contexts are often imagined as laws or universal truths, this course will explore how projects around curricula, educational toys, museum exhibitions, school architecture, and other designed elements emerge out of a particular historical context and embody the Utopian dreams and dystopian fears of their moment. We will be exploring connections between the history of design, design pedagogies, school practices and education ideologies. Students can expect to engage critically with design theory, curriculum design, and game design, as well as social theory.

Spring 2022 Cou
rse-Landscape Architecture 677: Cultural Resource Preservation and Landscape History

Introduces cultural landscape studies as a corollary to cultural conservation in public folklore, environmental planning, natural and cultural resource management, landscape architecture, and the history of landscape architecture. The course acquaints students with varied concepts of cultural landscape, key historical and cultural landscape research methodologies, and a range of preservation and conservation types involving cultural landscapes, traditional cultural properties, and intangible and tangible cultural heritage. Students observe, research, and write about cultural landscapes, gain an understanding of cultural, historical, and natural dynamics of the (built) environment, and become acquainted with aspects of cultural conservation and landscape preservation nationally and

internationally. Instructor: Sam Dennis. Offered: M/W 4:00pm-5:15pm. Requisites: None. Credits: 3

Mental Health Resources at University Health Services (UHS)

As we approach the end of the semester, we want to ensure you are taking care of yourself. The UHS mental health resources below may be useful to you in this stressful time! 
Virtual Let’s Talk: Let’s Talk is comprised of 20-minute one-on-one consultations with a UHS mental health provider that are free, confidential, and able to be scheduled up to the day they occur. So far this fall, there have been consultations left open for every section, every day.  No topic is off limits at Let’s Talk. 

Fall Schedule below:






Focus: Relationship/Partner Concerns



Open to all students



Focus: Graduate Students



Focus: LGBTQ+ Students



Open to all students



Focus: BIPOC Students*



Open to all students



Focus: Engineering Students



Open to all students


3p-5p (biweekly)

Focus: Chemistry Students



Focus: International Students



Focus: Engineering Students



Open to all students


1p-3p (biweekly)

Focus: Center for Academic Excellence (CAE)

*Spanish speaking services available some weeks

Drop-In Groups: MHS offers a variety of groups this fall that students can drop into without committing to the full semester.  These are great options for students wanting to experience community, get support, and learn skills to manage a variety of concerns. Students must complete the brief online registration in order to receive a link to the group space.

Drop-In Eating Concerns Support Group

Drop-In Survivor Support Group

Drop-In Graduate Students of Color Group

Drop-in Meditation 

Mindfulness Sampler



Exploring Practices in the Classroom (EPIC): A learning community of TAs
Wednesdays, 9:00am – 10:00am, starting February 2
445 Henry Mall, Room 117 (WISCIENCE)
Your time as a TA is a superb opportunity to prepare for the teaching you will do as a future faculty member or in other careers. This learning community of TAs will help you develop as an effective, inclusive teacher, while meeting the challenges of teaching throughout the semester. ∆

Using Writing to Teach in Any Discipline to Promote Active Learning in an Inclusive Class Environment
Mondays, 1:00pm – 2:00pm, starting January 31
The Writing Center Commons (6th Floor of Helen C. White Hall)
Research has shown that, when students write more in a course, they learn course content more effectively and engage more deeply with the material. Learn how to use writing to promote students’ active learning, while maximizing your own time, in any disciplinary or course context. ∆∆


UW-Madison Winter 2021 Commencement: December 19th at 10:00am at the Kohl Center Please let me know if you are attending the ceremony so I can be sure to look for you there! 

School of Human Ecology News & Events Calendar


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Student Affairs: Campus Happenings- See the UW Student Affairs news website and scroll to the "current happenings" listing each week.


Social Justice Hub Upcoming Events event calendar




SoHE Scholarships are NOW OPEN!

Deadline: December 15th, 2021 

Take a look at the various opportunities and get your applications submitted soon. For PhD and MFA students who are currently in their second year, and may not have taken advantage of the first conference travel scholarship in 2020 due to COVID, are eligible to apply this year. The Conference Travel Scholarship has been expanded to include Professional Training as well. In addition to the Ann Hoyt award for the study of cooperative associations, there is now a broader award for the Graduate Student Scholarship for Research, Outreach, and Training on Cooperatives. 



Assistant Professor in Consumer Analytics: University of Georgia

Instructor-in-residence and Coordinator of the Early Childhood specialization: University of Connecticut

Postdoc: Department of Human Development and Family Studies at the University of lllinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) beginning Summer 2022


Graduate School Guide to Completing your Degree


Graduate School Degree Deadlines


Dean of Students Office: Graduate Student Assistance Specialist-Elaine Goetz


International Student Services (ISS)


University Health Services (UHS)


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