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SoHE's Resource For Financial Questions.

Welcome to the SoHE Business Office    

The Business Office is responsible for managing SoHE’s financial resources through the annual budget process, monitoring budgets, and preparing long-term financial forecasts.  It also oversees the primary business processes including payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and expense reimbursement.  In addition, we are available to assist with navigating UW policies related to procurement, travel, research participant payments, cash advances, and events.  The Business Office can also assist with interdepartmental account setup for DoIT, Fleet, Transportation Services and Physical Plant.


In an effort to streamline administrative processes, we have collected the financial information we believe best answers the most common questions we receive. handy reference guide is yours to bring with you on your travels or to keep in your office — wherever you most need it. Please note that while this guide highlights the most common financial guidance requested, it does not contain all of the University’s detailed policies, which can be found on the Division of Business Services website.

As always, the Business Office is available to answer any and all of your questions; in fact, questions are encouraged. We would prefer to process transactions right the first time rather than try to clean up problems after-the-fact. The potential consequences of the DIY-method may mean incomplete reimbursement.

We are located in room 2134 at Nancy Nicholas Hall.

Our Mailing address is:

University of Wisconsin – Madison

School of Human Ecology

Business Office, Room 2134

1300 Linden Dr. NNH

Madison, WI  53706

Secure Fax: 608-716-2609 or


The Business Office staff is listed below with email links and a list of specialties:

Natalie Feggestad, Associate Dean for Finance and Administration

Tammy O’Brien, Accountant 

Nancy Andrews, Human Resources Manager

Michael Kukula, Financial Specialist Senior

Jane Rolfsmeyer, Financial Specialist 

Susan Kitts, Financial Specialist (including payroll processing)