Graduate Programs - Policies & Forms - Assessing Satisfactory Progress

Guidelines for Assessing Satisfactory Academic Progress

Effective for Human Ecology graduate students admitted in Fall 2011 or later.

A student in the Human Ecology graduate program will be judged to be making satisfactory progress when the following conditions are met. The conditions are that she/he has:

A student will be judged to be making unsatisfactory progress if they:

Students who are judged to not be making satisfactory progress may be placed on probation and may lose eligibility for graduate student funding awards such as scholarships and assistantships. Further, students who receive unsatisfactory progress ratings in two consecutive semesters may be dropped from the program.  Students may appeal a decision to be dropped from the program by submitting a written request to their advisor outlining the reasons they believe reconsideration is warranted in relation to established criteria for satisfactory progress.

Students may also request a leave of absence from graduate study due to extenuating circumstances by submitting a letter to their advisor outlining the reasons for the request. Such requests will then be considered by the graduate program council in the student’s department, and if approved, will be forwarded to the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies for formal action (this means forward to the Graduate School with appropriate recommendation).