Business Office - Reimbursement for Airfare

Expense Reimbursement Guidelines for Airfare from the SoHE Business Office.


All airline reservations for either employee or non-employee travel must be made with Travel, Inc. or via the Concur self-booking tool. Any airfare that is purchased outside of Concur or Travel, Inc., will not be paid or reimbursed by the University. Travel by air shall be limited to the lowest, logical, non-refundable, coach/economy class fare available. The additional cost for premium class or seat assignment fees for premium class (first class, business class, or premium economy) travel is not payable/reimbursable unless: 

Cost Comparisons

Cost comparisons must be obtained by contacting an agent at a University contracted travel agency. Travelers must obtain a cost comparison under the following circumstances:

  1. Indirect routing, extra stops, and/or extra days for personal reasons
  2. Departing from/returning to a city other than Madison, Milwaukee or Chicago for personal reasons – while it is allowable, travelers must consider potential extra costs for transportation, lodging, meals, tolls, parking, etc. when choosing to travel to/from Milwaukee or Chicago.
  3. Any other situation where the traveler’s itinerary is modified for personal reasons

Either the traveler’s actual flight or their comparison flight – whichever is less expensive – is payable/reimbursable. The University will not pay/reimburse excess costs related to personal travel. Cost comparisons are not required for non-employees. Cost comparisons must be obtained at the time of booking.

For the full policy related to the above, please see the University Travel Policies.

Airfare Checklist (click for printable checklist)

The following documentation and/or information is required for Airfare expenses 

Circumstances in which a cost comparison is required are:

Example of Flight Itinerary needed for reimbursement