Administration & Governance - Department Chairs - Chair Election Process

Policy and procedures for the election of department Chairs in the School of Human Ecology

Approved:  October 21, 2013

 General Guidelines for SoHE Chair Elections

The School of Human Ecology (SoHE) has operated under the practice of one chair for each Academic Department. The prevailing sentiment is that this configuration represents our operating “ideal”. However, the SoHE is defined as a single department under FP&P which can allow some flexibility to also consider three acting chairs when it is deemed most appropriate.

Duties and responsibilities(see Chair Position description)


Five years expected (3+2 – third-year check-point; voted annually with feedback); renewable, contingent upon a successful 5-year review; an exception can be made when considering an extension faculty member and/or when no other alternatives are possible.


*proportionate to the scope of the duties


Executive Committee (i.e., tenured SoHE faculty members)

Election process:

Annual Report and Feedback:

Succession planning and advance preparation: