SoHE Faculty CVs

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Left column lists the name of the faculty/staff member, right column lists the corresponding links to the CV PDFs.


Link to CV

Lisa Andrews, CFP Andrews-Lisa-CV.pdf
Dr. Rima Apple Apple-Rima-CV.pdf
Dr. Lydia Ashton Ashton-Lydia-CV.pdf
Dr. Lori Bakken Bakken-Lori-CV.pdf
Dr. Judi Bartfeld Bartfeld-Judi-CV.pdf
Dr. Megan Bea Bea-Doherty-Megan-CV.pdf
Dr. Karen Bogenschneider Bogenschneider-Karen-CV.pdf
Lori DiPrete Brown DiPreteBrown-Lori-CV.pdf
Dr. Sarah Carter Carter-Sarah-Ann-CV.pdf
Dr. Belkis Cerrato Cerrato-Belkis-CV.pdf
Dr. J. Michael Collins Collins-J-Michael-CV.pdf
Mary Beth Collins, JD Collins-MaryBeth-CV.pdf
Dr. Janean Dilworth-Bart Dilworth-Bart-Janean-CV.pdf
Dr. Carolee Dodge Francis Dodge-Francis-Carolee-CV.pdf
Dr. Joy Dohr Dohr-Joy-CV.pdf
Roxy Etta Etta-Roxy-CV.pdf 
Marianne Fairbanks Fairbanks-Marianne-CV.pdf
Dr. Connie Flanagan Flanagan-Constance-CV.pdf
Dr. Jennifer Gaddis Gaddis-Jennifer-CV.pdf
Dr. Beverly Gordon Gordon-Beverly-CV.pdf
Dr. Erin Hamilton Hamilton-Erin-CV.pdf
Dr. Sarah Halpern-Meekin Halpern-Meekin-Sarah-CV.pdf
Dr. Sigan Hartley Hartley-Sigan-CV.pdf
Dr. Melody Harvey Harvey-Melody-CV.pdf
Dr. Leah Horowitz Horowitz-Leah-CV.pdf
Dr. Cynthia Jasper Jasper-Cynthia-CV.pdf
Carolyn Kallenborn Kallenborn-Carolyn-CV.pdf
Dr. Kasey Keeler Keeler-Kasey-CV.pdf
Dr. Margaret Kerr Kerr-Margaret_CV.pdf
Dr. Heather Kirkorian Kirkorian-Heather-CV.pdf
Dr. Kristin Litzelman Litzelman-Kristin-CV.pdf
Michael Maguire Maguire-Michael-CV.pdf
Dr. Brian McInnes McInnes-Brian-CV.pdf
Dr. Lauren Papp Papp-Lauren-CV.pdf
Dr. Julie Poehlmann-Tynan Poehlmann-Tynan-Julie-CV.pdf
Dr. Kevin Ponto Ponto-Kevin-CV.pdf
Dr. Charles Raison, MD Raison-Charles-CV.pdf
Dr. David Riley Riley-Dave-CV.pdf
Dr. Clifford Robb Robb-Cliff-CV.pdf
Dr. Majid Sarmadi Sarmadi-Majid-CV.pdf
Dr. Carolina Sarmiento Sarmiento-Carolina-CV.pdf
Dean Soyeon Shim_short bio Shim Short Bio_Apr 2022
Dr. Jung-hye Shin Shin-Jung-hye-CV.pdf
Patty Sigler Sigler-Patty-CV.pdf
Dr. Alvin Thomas Thomas-Alvin-CV.pdf
Dr. Uchita Vaid Vaid-Uchita-CV.pdf
Amy Wagner, M.Ed Wagner-Amy-CV.pdf
Dr. Wendy Way Way-Wendy-CV.pdf
Dr. Nancy Wong Wong-Nancy-CV.pdf
Dr. Shepherd Zeldin Zeldin-Shepherd-CV.pdf
Dr. Lydia Zepeda Zepeda-Lydia-CV.pdf