Research - FAQs

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to research, proposals, and other sponsored programs topics.

Can a faculty member submit his or her own proposal directly to a sponsor?

No, not to an external sponsor. Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) is the only campus entity authorized to submit extramural research proposals on behalf of UW employees. Faculty may only submit extramural proposals once it is 1) reviewed by the preaward research administrator and 2) approved for submission by RSP. See additional KB resources for Submitting a Proposal.

I plan to be a Co-Investigator on a proposal that will be submitted by another institution. What do I need for that type of collaboration? 

Any UW faculty member who will receive funds for work on a project that is being submitted by another institution needs to process what are known as Subaward proposal documents through regular campus review and approval channels, prior to the lead site submitting the proposal. At a minimum, this includes:

How does the School handle course buyouts when a faculty member will need to devote a significant amount of time for research?

Before considering a course buyout, the faculty member should discuss that option with their Department Chair to be sure a course buyout can be accommodated. With the Chair's approval, the faculty member will need to budget 20% annual or academic salary for one course, plus fringe benefits. The preaward research administrator can help with the budget calculations.

How much does it cost to hire a Project Assistant?

At this time, a Project Assistant (PA) hired at 50% for 12 months will require $25,056 salary + $4,510 fringe benefits (18%) + $12,000 tuition remission = $41,556. See Graduate Assistantship resources for more information.

What is effort reporting and why is it important?

Effort reporting is the means by which researchers account for the time spent doing work on research projects. UW policy is that effort must be reported and certified for all individuals who receive salary support from a sponsored project or who expend committed effort on a sponsored project regardless of receiving salary support from the sponsor. See Effort Reporting resources for more information.

I was given a confidentiality agreement by a collaborator and was asked to sign it. Am I allowed to sign it?

No, not if the work governed by the agreement relates to your institutional responsibilities. RSP must sign contracts or agreements related to research or similar activities of UW employees. Contact the preaward research administrator for assistance with having the agreement reviewed and signed by RSP.