Graduate Programs - Fellowship and Dissertation Funding Resources

Below are resources for graduate students seeking fellowships, dissertation grants, or other funding to support their graduate research and education.

Types of Graduate Student Funding

Graduate Assistantships (Research / Teaching / Project)


Dissertation awards


Searching for Fellowships & Dissertation Grants

School of Human Ecology Resources

UW Resources

Databases to Search for Funding


What types of organizations offer the above funding opportunities?

Many federal agencies (i.e., National Institutes of Health [NIH], National Science Foundation [NSF]), private foundations (i.e., Ford Foundation, Mellon Foundation), non-profit organizations, professional societies (i.e., American Educational Research Association, American Sociological Association), and for-profit companies support graduate students in various capacities.

Can I have both a PA/TA/RA position and a fellowship at the same time?

It depends. Some fellowship programs are intended to fully fund a student and other sources of support are not allowed. Many programs allow fellows to hold concurrent appointments and in those cases, UW policy regarding maximum student appointment levels must be followed.

How do I apply for a fellowship or dissertation grant?

It's critical to read the funding opportunity announcement to see what is required to apply and plan your timeline. Many fellowships require a business official from UW to submit the application on your behalf, and awards are then made to UW to administer the funding for you. However, some organizations and agencies will award directly to the student. Contact Sarah Marcotte with any questions about applying for non-UW fellowships or dissertation awards.

Can I apply to more than one fellowship program, in case one of them doesn't get funded?

Most likely, yes. However, be sure to read the sponsor's funding announcement carefully for any restrictions or conditions of the award.

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