Graduate Programs - HDFS PhD - Forms & Documents

A complete list of all Human Development and Family Studies graduate program forms and documents.

HDFS Handbook for Graduate Study

Handbook (Updated Spring 2020)

Degree Checklists
Graduate Committee/Advisor

Change Graduate Advisor OR Change/Form Graduate Committee
Satisfactory Progress Benchmarks

Annual Review of Graduate Students

Annual Review of Graduate Students
Annual Progress Report - Checklist

Course Substitutions

Request Form for Course Substitutions

Doctoral Program Prelim Examination

Preliminary Examination Overview
Obtaining the PhD Prelim Exam Warrant

Thesis and Dissertation

Dissertation Formats
Guidelines for Proposals: Qualitative Research
Guidelines for Proposals: Quantitative Research
Thesis/Dissertation Proposal Approval
Thesis/Dissertation Evaluation

Degree completion

Degree Completion Form - Human Ecology PhD: HDFS

Doctoral Minor in HDFS (For non-HDFS Students)

Doctoral Minor Agreement Form