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Setting Up Network Printers

A compilation of instructions for setting up network printers across different operating systems.


The SSCC provides network printers accessible to all SSCC members in 4218, 3218 and 2470 Sewell Social Sciences Building. Note that to pick up your print jobs from 4218 or 3218 after hours or from 2470 at any time, you will need door access with your UW ID card.  Contact the SSCC Help Desk to register for after-hours access.

If you are not plugged into the wired network in the Sewell Social Science Building, you first need to establish a VPN connection to the SSCC network. Please see Connecting to the SSCC Network via VPN before connecting to SSCC printers.

Adding a Printer

Managed MachinesPersonal Devices (Unmanaged Machines)

First, click the Start (or Windows logo) button and then type \\print in the Search programs and files (or just Run) box.

Connecting to print

First, click the Start (or Windows logo) button and then type \\ in the Search programs and files (or just Run) box.

Connecting to print

When prompted to authenticate, use your SSCC username and password. You must either prepend "PRIMO\" or append the suffix "" to your username.


This will open a window showing all the printers on print, the SSCC's print server.
Printer list

To connect to a printer, simply double-click on it. A window will open showing the printer's current queue. You can close this window and the printer will still be available when you go to print.

Most of these are for particular departments or groups. The printers available to all SSCC members are:

RoomPrinter Name
  SSCC Printer Network Names

Each room has several physical printers, but when you submit a job to that room's virtual printer it will be printed on the first available physical printer.

If you are printing JSTOR articles or other large PDF files, please use the 4218 printers. These printers have the least problems with complex PDF files. In addition, they are our fastest printers and this will significantly reduce the amount of time others may have to wait while your job is printing.

Setting Your Default Printer

To set your default printer, click Start (or the Windows logo button), and search for Devices and Printers.  

You'll then get a list of printers that have been set up on your computer.

The one with the small checkmark on it is your current default printer. To make a different printer the default, right-click on it and select Set as Default Printer.

Note that if you log in to Winstat from your computer, Citrix Workspace will make your default printer available from within your Winstat session.


If you are not plugged into the wired network in the Sewell Social Science Building, you first need to establish a connection to the SSCC network. For more information, please see: Connecting to the SSCC Network via VPN 

  1. You'll next need to know the name of the printer you are connecting to. Please see the list of printer names to find your printer info. If you need help gathering this information, speak with the department that hosts the printer or contact the SSCC Help Desk
  2. Open the System Preferences by clicking the Apple icon in the upper left of the screen and choosing System Preferences
  3. Click Printers & Scanners
  4. Click the + button on the lower left to add a printer.
  5. If you see an Advanced button, skip to step 7. Otherwise, Control-click on the box just above More Printers, choose Customize Toolbar, drag the Advanced icon from this box onto the toolbar and click Done.
  6. Click Advanced
  7. Change the Type of the printer to Windows
  8. Type the URL, Name and Location of the printer you want to use. The info for the printers in the SSCC labs is as follows:
    SSCC4218Room 4218smb://
    SSCC3218Room 3218smb://
    SSCC2470Room 2470smb://

  9. Click on Choose a Driver... and then select Generic PCL Driver. The generic driver is sufficient for most printers, but if you need access to special features please contact the SSCC Help Desk for assistance in installing drivers specific to your printer.
  10. Click Add. You may be asked to configure additional available options for your printer, including duplexing and paper handling.
  11. The first time you print to the printer you'll be asked for your username and password.
    • Set Connect as: to Registered User. (You may not be prompted to choose a "Connect as" option)
    • Enter your SSCC username followed by for Name.
    • Enter your SSCC password in the Password field.
  12. Check Remember this password in my keychain and you won't be asked to give it again when you print in the future.


  1. Go to System -> Administration -> Printing. Click Add to add a new printer.
    Printing screen
  2. Next expand Network Printer and select Windows Printer via Samba.
    Select Device
  3. Type the name of the printer you want to use in the box under SMB Printer.
    RoomPrinter Name
     SSCC Network Printers
  4. Select Set authentication details now and type your SSCC username and password. If your password contains any special characters (&, @, etc.) type a backslash (\) before that character
    Enter printer information
  5. >Click Verify and your computer will confirm that it can connect with the printer. Then click Forward and your computer will search for appropriate printer drivers but fail. Instead type lexmark in the Make and model box and click Forward.
    Download printer driver by name
  6. Select Postscript-Lexmark under Downloadable Drivers and and click Forward to download and install it.
    Download drivers
  7. Next it will ask you which options to use. Set Trays to Tray1+2+3. (If you leave it at the default it will only be able to use tray 1, which is the colored paper used for cover sheets.)
    Installable Options
  8. Give the printer a short name and optional description and location and click Apply. Do not print a test page at this time.
    Name the printer
  9. Before actually using the printer, you need to tell it to use tray 3 rather than tray 1 (which contains colored paper). Right-click on the printer and choose Properties, then click Printer Options on the left and set Media source to Tray 3.
    Printer Properties
  10. Click OK and you're ready to print to the SSCC's printers.

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