Accessing ResearchDrive from Linstat

ResearchDrive is a University-funded and DoIT-provided data storage system available to all faculty PIs and academic staff with permanent PI status, and their research teams and is accessible from your own computer, Winstat, and Linstat.

To access ResearchDrive from Linstat, run the command rdmount from the command line on any linstat computer. When prompted, provide your NetID password. Your ResearchDrive instance will be available for 10 hours on that computer.

The drive will be mounted at the location /researchdrive/<Your-NetID>.

Accessing your Own ResearchDrive

Here's an example for the SSCC account bbadger whose NetID is also bbadger (substitute your NetID where present in bold text):


[bbadger@linstat1]~% rdmount
Password for bbadger@AD.WISC.EDU:
[bbadger@linstat1]~% cd /researchdrive/bbadger


For longer use, you can re-run rdmount any time within the 10-hour access window to extend your access to 10 hours from the last time you ran rdmount on the same linstat host.

The complete usage for rdmount follows:

 rdmount [--netid <NetID>] [ResearchDrive-instance] 

Accessing Someone Else's ResearchDrive

Example 1:

 % rdmount rraccoon

Mount the ResearchDrive instance for Regdab Raccoon, whose NetID is rraccoon. Dr. Raccoon has granted bbadger access to their ResearchDrive instance using the UW Manifest tool. Dr. Raccoon’s folder will be available to bbadger at /ResearchDrive/rraccoon.

If Your SSCC Username is not the Same as Your NetID

Example 2:

 % rdmount –-netid bbadger

Mount the ResearchDrive instance for bbadger at /researchdrive/bbadger. This usage may be needed when the SSCC account name and NetID are different.

Remember, it is a violation of UW policy to share your NetID and password with any other person.

DoIT has instructions that walk you through how to grant another person access to your ResearchDrive instance. If you need help with Manifest, you will need to contact the DoIT Help Desk for assistance.

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