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Accessing SSCC Lab Computers Remotely

Instructions for accessing SSCC lab computers remotely

The computers in SSCC’s computer labs (4218 and 3218 Sewell Social Science Building) are now available for use anywhere in the world via Remote Desktop. They have a wide variety of statistical software installed and are a good alternative to Winstat, especially if Winstat is busy. Mac users will need to install the Microsoft Remote Desktop client via the Apple App Store before connecting.

Some of the computers have been set aside for running long jobs: jobs run there will generally take longer than if they were run on SSCC’s servers, but if you don’t need speed and want to avoid the complications of a server, the long job computers may be just right for you. Contact the Help Desk if you’re interested in using them.

Remote Access Dashboard

To find a computer to connect to, you can view the available lab machines from the Remote Access Dashboard. You will need to authenticate with your SSCC credentials before you can view the dashboard.

Connecting to a Lab Machine

Once you are ready to connect to a lab machine, please follow these steps: 

  1. Choose an available machine and click the "Connect" button


  2. In the pop-up, click "Connect" again. This will download a configuration file to your machine.


  3. Locate the download configuration file and double-click to open it. In some browsers (like Chrome), you can open it from the download bar. Once you open the file, click "Connect" on the security window that launches.


  4. Finally, authenticate the connection with your SSCC username and password. You will need to add "PRIMO\" before your username to ensure you are validating your credentials against the correct server.


  5. After you have successfully authenticated, the remote desktop session will begin.

Lab Remote Access Policies

  1. Users will agree to sign out of the machine at the completion of their remote session in order to free up the machine for other users.
  2. Remote access sessions for all users will disconnect after 30 minutes of inactivity. You will receive a warning two minutes before you are disconnected.


    If you do not reset the idle activity timer by interacting with your session, you will be disconnected and receive the following message.


  3. Remote access sessions will automatically be signed out if they have been disconnected for more than five minutes.
  4. Remote access sessions will not be allowed to exceed 18 hours.*
    *If users need to run long jobs, please contact the SSCC Help Desk ( to make arrangements for access to the Lab Long Jobs pool. 
  5. Users will be prohibited from interrupting another user's remote session. If a user tries to circumvent the dashboard and connect to a machine that is already in use, they will be denied access and receive the following error.


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