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NVivo Server - Managing Collaborators

With NVivo Server, users can collaborate on a single Nvivo project file. This document will describe how project owners can manage the collaborators on their projects.

There are three levels of NVivo Server user permissions.  The creator of an NVivo project is its Owner and they are the only one who can delete the project or give other people access to it.  The project owner can can make other SSCC users Contributors, who can read and edit the project, and Readers, who can view the project. 

To add collaborators, first create an NVivo Server project.  Then from within your project:  

Steps to add additional users to a project

  1. Select File -> Project Properties.
  2. Click the Users tab.
  3. Under the Users tab, click the Groups tab.
  4. Note the three types of permissions - Project Owners, Contributors, and Readers. Select the level of permission you'd like to grant and click Add. Be careful about adding other people as "Owners" - remember, they have the same permissions as you do.
  5. A new window for Select Users or Groups will open.  In From this location type PRIMO.  In the box below, type the SSCC usernames of the people you want to make collaborators, with a semicolon after each name.  Click Check Names after you have entered them, to have our system verify that the usernames you've selected are correct. Press OK.  
  6. To remove users from your project, follow steps 1-4 and then choose Remove instead of Add to remove anyone who's no longer affiliated with your project.

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