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Publishing a Web Site on the SSCC's Web Server


SSCC members are welcome to create personal web sites on the SSCC's web server. Web sites on the SSCC web server must be focused on University business and comply with  University computing policies, including the  Guidelines for Appropriate Use  and the Policy Governing World Wide Web Accessibility, and with the SSCC's  Web Publishing Policy. Commercial or political use is strictly prohibited.

If you are creating a brand new web site, we recommend you use WordPress, especially if you've never made a web site before.

This article will teach you how to put existing files on the SSCC's web server.

Putting Files on the Web

The SSCC's web server will publish any files it finds in the  PUBLIC_web  directory on your web server. If you are using Windows, your web site will go in \\\username . If you want to use SFTP (Secure FTP), you can use SFTP with SecureFX to from any SSCC connected computer. Your FTP program may allow you to tell it to start in PUBLIC_web  automatically, or you may need to change to that directory each time you log in.

This directory starts out empty, but you can put files in it at any time just like any other directory.

Your Web Address

Once you put files in your PUBLIC_web directory, they will be available on the web at where username should be replaced by your SSCC username (e.g.  rdimond) and filename should be replaced by the name of the file you're trying to access (e.g.  econ101.htm  ). If you create a web page named home.htm, home.html, index.htm, index.html or one of the other common home page names, the web server will present it if someone asks for just

Making Files Available Without Creating a Web Page

The web server will be happy to distribute files that are not web pages, such as PDF files or Word documents (just make sure your intended audience has or can get the proper software for reading them). However, if you don't make a home page people will need to know the name of each file they want to download. It is possible to have the web server automatically generate a home page of sorts just listing the files in your  PUBLIC_web  directory so people can get one by clicking on its name. If you'd like us to enable this for your web site, please  contact the Help Desk  .

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