Working With OnDemand

Do you want to use Linstat but find the command line intimidating? OnDemand is a graphical user interface created to make Linux servers more user-friendly. OnDemand gives you a graphical "desktop" interface like Winstat or a regular PC or Mac, but also gives you access to all the programs and computing power available on Linstat. You can also use OnDemand to submit jobs to Slurm.

This article will show you how to use an OnDemand desktop. To learn how to connect to one, see Connecting to OnDemand.

Starting a Terminal

If you prefer to use command line, you can start a terminal by clicking on the applications menu and choosing the terminal emulator option.  You can also open a terminal by clicking on the terminal icon on the task bar. You are welcome to do everything from the command line if you prefer. Regardless, you should use the terminal in order to submit Slurm jobs.

start terminal

Run Program and Application Finder

From the start menu, you can use the run program button to access the run function and the application finder.

start menu run program

The run program button will default to the run function mode but can be changed to search for an application clicking on the arrow to the right.

run program

The application finder will show a list of all applications, but you can use the search function to find a specific program from the list.

application finder

Accessing Applications

Applications can be accessed via the bottom left icon, similar to the Widows start menu.

OnDemand Start Menu

Most of the programs you are likely to use are under Statistics, but Visual Studio Code is under Development

You can quickly access favorite applications by finding them in the applications menu then dragging them to the bottom bar of the desktop.

Accessing Home and Project Folders

Your Linux home directory and project folders are readily available just like on Winstat. You can access the folders by clicking the corresponding icon on the desktop.

To access your home folder, click on the Home folder.

desktop home

To access project folders simply click on the project folder:

desktop project

Creating Shortcuts to Home and Project Folders

To create a shortcut to a folder simply right click on the folder, click on Send To, then choose where you want the shortcut to be.


The Side Pane option will create a shortcut on the sidebar of the file system window.


The Desktop option will create a shortcut for that folder on the desktop. You can also drag folders on to the bottom bar to create a shortcut for quick access.

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