Kanaka Client - Network Drives on MacOS Laptop

This article is for users who want to get to their network drives from a laptop running MacOS. We use a program called Kanaka Client to facilitate these connections. This program will mount your network drives based on your login script so the drive letters should match up to those seen on a Windows computer. Content effective 06 Jun 2022

Step-by-step guide - (remember to use the correct Network connection)

If you are on the wired network (i.e. you are docked and using a wired ethernet adapter), you do not need to connect to the GlobalProtect client. Go ahead and skip to Launch Kanaka Client.

If you are off the wired network, verify that you are connected to Global Protect using the SMPH VPN portal. See this guide for information on how to connect.



Launch Kanaka Client from Go → Applications or by finding it in the Launchpad


When prompted, input the Kanaka settings and enter your Surgery username and password

Server: kanaka.surgery.wisc.edu

Port: 3089

If you're not prompted, simply click the Login button near the top of the window.




If authentication is successful, you will see your lettered network drives along the side of the Kanaka client window. Double-click on any of those letters to open a Finder window to that location.

Opening a network location may take slightly longer based on the speed of your connection. The Finder window may take a few moments to populate so patience is encouraged.



Network locations will also appear in the Finder window under the Locations area on the left (by default). Clicking on any of those locations will also bring up that specific network share.


To access your U:\ drive, double-click on the home icon in the Kanaka Client window.

After clicking on this icon in the Kanaka window, it will tell you what volume your U:\ drive is kept on. In the screenshot pictured here, the home directory is kept on USERS1.

An alternate way of getting to your U:\ drive is to navigate to USERS1 either by clicking on it in the Finder window or by going to the V:\ drive in the Kanaka Client. Navigate to the folder with your Surgery username on it to see your U:\ drive content.


FAQs and Support

"A connection failure occurred"

If you attempt to login to Kanaka and the prompt spins for longer than usual, you may eventually see a message saying "A connection failure occurred" This is a good indication that you are not connected to the Global Protect VPN.

If you are connected to Global Protect and this error occurs, please ensure that you are using the SMPH VPN portal when logging in to Global Protect.

If you have verified that both of these things are true and you still cannot connect, your computer may not be provisioned for access to the wired network. Please contact help@surgery.wisc.edu for assistance.


"You are attempting to connect to the server..."

The first time you connect, you may be presented with multiple windows that state "You are attempting to connect to the server..." go ahead and click "Connect" to proceed. These windows shouldn't come up with subsequent login attempts.


How can I get to specific folders more quickly?

Create an Alias by right-clicking (Control Click or two-finger click) on the folder in the Finder window and select the "Make Alias" option.

By default, the Alias will appear on the Desktop. This can be moved, copied, or pinned to the finder window (see next section). Double-clicking on this alias will bring you directly to the specified folder in a Finder window.

If you are not connected to Global Protect and/or if you are not logged in to Kanaka Client, you will not be able to get to that network location when you double-click on the alias.




How can I "Save As..." to the U:\ drive

MacOS will allow you to "pin" something to the Finder window Favorites section. This will show up when you go to the Save As... menu in other programs.

To do this, start by navigating to the Folder you're looking to pin. If its your U:\ drive, double-click on the location in Kanaka Client.

Click and drag the folder icon in at the top of the Finder window to the Favorites area on the left. A line will appear when it is ready to be added successfully.

From now on you will see this location in your Favorites, both in regular Finder windows and when in the Save As... menu. this can be done with any network folder using the same process.




When I double-click on a drive letter, I get a message saying "Storage Resource is not available!"

This usually happens when your connection was cut, the drives were still mounted, they were dismounted, and you're attempting to reconnect.

To resolve this, simply Logout of Kanaka Client and Login again.




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