WebEx Instructions

How to set up a WebEx meeting


1.      Go to Uwsurgery.webex.com

2.      Log in to WebEx as Host – (Host Login in upper right corner)

a.       User name:  adminwebex@surgery.wisc.edu

b.      PW:  Madison2010 (Make sure Num Lock is on if using the number pad on keyboard)

3.      Hit Later to WebEx Setup

4.      Verify time is open/available on calendar

5.      On right hand side select Schedule a Meeting

6.      Choose any password

7.      Attendees – Enter own email to receive meeting link/password and then forward link to participants, or you can enter participants email.

8.      Do not select send a copy to me (this will send to account owner—Don McDermott)

9.      For a recurring meeting or other changes, see Advanced Scheduler Option




1.      Select Surgery Computer from Podium Screen

2.      Login to Surgery Computer as avguest

3.      Open Internet (E symbol left hand corner)

4.      Enter link:  Uwsurgery.webex.com

5.      Log in to WebEx as Host – (Host Login in upper right corner)

a.       User name:  adminwebex@surgery.wisc.edu

b.      PW:  Madison2010 (Make sure Num Lock is on if using the number pad on keyboard)

6.      Hit Later to WebEx Setup

7.      Find Meeting

8.      Click start meeting




1.      Make sure both mute buttons on Surgery Computer are off (letters should be white not yellow)

2.      Click on Use Computer for Audio

3.      Click on Call Using Computer

4.      Test Speakers

a.       To adjust volume control:

                                                              i.      On Touch screen press the up/down arrow several times on the Program Button to increase/decrease volume.  If still no improvement, click speaker icon in lower right hand corner of Surg Computer Desktop, click mixer and adjust). 

5.      Test Microphone

a.       If no sound, double check that Surg Computer Voice Tab mute button is off.  Microphone volume control is on Voice Tab). 

6.      Close Out Audio Conf Box (red X)



·         Participant to View Meeting – Turn on cameras on Podium Screen.  Use Podium Screen or remote control (pointed at cameras) to adjust.  View will appear in right hand upper corner in small box on meeting screen and as full screen to participant.

·         UW Speaker to View Participant – Participant will appear in right upper hand corner when he signs in.  To view participant full screen, click video camera icon and double click in participant’s picture window.


AUDIO:  If after above testing measures:

·         Attendee having trouble hearing UW speaker?  Have attendee check their volume control.

·         UW speaker having trouble hearing attendees?  Go to the Touch screen, click the up arrow on the Program button several times to increase volume.

·         Feedback on UW side?  On the Touch screen, click the down arrow on the Program button to decrease speaker volume




On Surgery Computer screen click on Share Desktop – this then allows those viewing webinar to see the Surgery Computer desktop (i.e., PowerPoint presentation, internet website, etc).  Meeting control icons will move to top of desktop screen.


NOTE: To share UWHC Info, go to hospital website through Surgery computer—do not try to switch to actual hospital computer under podium)


NOTE:  To access Surgery Intranet: 

            Click Internet Symbol

            Click Home Symbol (House on Tool Bar)

            Sign into Intranet as usual



1.      Right click on participant’s name and Change to Presenter

2.      Remote Presenter then clicks on Share My DeskTop

3.      Host or presenter can change it back when done presenting




1.      Click on End Meeting in the lower right of screen

2.      Log out of surgery computer (automatically shuts down screen – computer can stay on)




Receive via email meeting invitation from Host (Host is Don McDermott for Admin Account)

Click on link and enter email and password as listed in invitation (remote computer must be set up with camera/speakers for participant to be viewed/heard).




1.      Hit ‘record on touch screen

2.      You can mute people by hitting the mute microphone button next to the individuals name (but you don’t have to)

3.      You can find the recorded session afterwards by going into My Recorded Meetings.

                                                              i.      You can edit the link by clicking the modify button

                                                            ii.      That link is what you just have to post or send out for people to watch; no instructions are needed

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