UW-Madison Qualtrics - Distribution Sending Limits

All Qualtrics accounts within the UW-Madison Brand have a per week email sending limit.

Allowed Outgoing Emails/Week: 50,000

What counts toward the limit?

All emails sent from the Qualtrics platform

What happens if I reach my sending limit?

You will receive the following error message when you attempt to send a new email message:

White error message box with black text and yellow exclamation point alert sign stating: Weekly email limit reached. You've reached the maximum number of weekly emails allowed for your brand. Check back later to try again. A button to click for okay is in the bottom right of the error message window.

No new emails will be sent on behalf of your account until your 7 day total drops below 50,000.

What if I have a large project that I expect to exceed the limit?

Email limit increases are considered on a case-by-case basis. You will need to answer the following questions related to your survey project:

  1. Which UW-Madison Qualtrics Account will be used to send the survey invitations?
  2. A description of the project(s)
  3. A general description of who is being surveyed. Do you have approval to contact the participants?
  4. The sending limit required for your project.
  5. How long will you require the increased limit?

You can submit your request through the following form: UW-Madison Qualtrics: Distribution Sending Limit Increase Request

Once you submit your request the UW-Madison Brand Administrators will review the information and follow up with you if there are any questions. The request will then be submitted to Qualtrics Support. Qualtrics Support has final approval on all requests.

It can take a week or more to receive approval for an increase to your email sending limit so please plan ahead. Requests are only granted for 1-4 week time periods.

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