University Committee Meeting Minutes 2014-12-01

approved December 8, 2014
December 1, 2014

Present: Broman, Fair (chair), Meyerand, Petty, Wendt
Absent: Edwards

1. Meeting called to order: 12:30 PM.
2. Update on faculty descriptions for System.
3. Fair called attention to Capital Times piece on “bullying.” Discussion.
4. Minutes of the meeting of November 24, 2014, approved.
6. Recreational Sports (John Horn, Doug Reindl): Discussion about committee composition (student majority, shared-facility voting, and ex officio members) and future governance organization. SOF will contact shared-unit representative about committee options:
a. Option A: 7 students, 2 academic staff, 2 classified staff, and 3 faculty (with no mandate or prohibition on shared unit representation). 
b. Option B: 6 students, 2 academic staff, 2 classified staff, 2 faculty, and one non-voting faculty member from a shared unit.
7. Review of Faculty Senate agenda 
8. UW System revisions to UWS chapters 4 and 7 (Ray Taffora). Taffora briefed the UC on compliance issues and discussions in relation to Title IX, Clery and Violence against Women acts, and administrative rules. Primary issues are standards of proof (clear and convincing evidence vs preponderance of evidence) and parity of complainants and respondents. Ample discussion. Recommendation to talk to UW Police Chief as well as Legal Affairs again when draft language is available.
9. Provost update (Sarah Mangelsdorf) 
a. Discussion of system and statewide campus organization.
b. Discussion of School of Education dean search and screen.
c. Discussion of “bullying” article and next steps. 
10. 2:09 PM: Broman left in search of gray to parse. 
11. Chancellor update (Rebecca Blank) 
a. Brief discussion of faculty senate agenda.
b. Discussion of articles on UW speechwriter and “overages.” 
12. Meeting adjourned at 2:39 PM.

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