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Doc Sample - Anglophiles

Read this while sitting down for your afternoon cup of tea.

Pommy ipsum bangers and mash cornish pasty scarper farewell ask your mother if proper chinwag bowler hat hadn't done it in donkey's years, doing my nut in queer as a clockwork orange Doctor Who bit of a Jack the lad eton mess I'd reet fancy a bowler hat. Chin up Sonic Screwdriver doofer could murder a pint Sherlock pillock guinness jellied eels collywobbles, bog roll 'ar kid oopsy-daisies yorkshire mixture bangers and mash meat and two veg, it's me peepers crumpets Shakespeare pork dripping Geordie give you a bell flabbergasted. Chap rubbish Dalek cup of tea devonshire cream tea, bow ties are cool jolly good jellied eels, Dalek fish and chips.

Tip-top you mean it ain't me noggin' proper oopsy-daisies fish and chips got a lot of brass we'll be 'avin less of that jammy git copper down South, on the pull cheerio taking the mick in the goolies what a load of guff off t'pub proper stiff upper lip. Flog a dead horse nuthouse fried toast got a lot of brass chinwag up North, darling you 'avin a laugh plum pudding the chippy scones, off the hook The Hounds of Baskerville a tad The Doctor. Ey up apple and pears pezzy little Sherlock football punter, golly gosh alright geezer rubbish chin up roast beef grab a jumper, morris dancers down the village green give you a bell don't get your knickers in a twist.

The Hounds of Baskerville Kate and Will black pudding posh nosh loo one feels that bangers and mash hard cheese old boy bowler hat, every fortnight make a brew chin up that's ace darling lost her marbles. Nutter curtain twitching in a pickle gutted Northeners ended up brown bread ask your mother if rambunctious, a tenner a diamond geezer it's the dogs bollocks gosh nutter. We'll be 'avin less of that pulled a right corker gob lad stupendous throw a spanner in the works a tad sorted it scatterbrained Kate and Will Victoria sponge cake wellies proper, we'll be 'avin less of that the lakes and red telephone box nonsense any road, best be off on his tod pie-eyed a tad warts and all.

Supper naff chav knows bugger all about nowt numbskull ever so lovely jolly, ey up duck up at the crack of dawn scrubber crumpets one would be honoured to. Fake tan complete mare real ale cheesed off get away with ya doofer old chap scrumpy a diamond geezer, smeg head terribly the fuzz come hither spam fritters bottled it. Bobby fried toast upper class for sooth you mean it ain't me noggin' morris dancers, lass penny-dreadful skive bottled it. Punter in a pickle big light Moriarty get away with ya roast beef, chaps argy-bargy bog off a right corker.

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