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Doc Sample - Post-Modernism

The following was taken from the college essay of a hapless film studies major (no, not really).

If one examines postconceptualist material theory, one is faced with a choice: either reject semantic postconceptualist theory or conclude that the purpose of the reader is social comment. In a sense, the subject is contextualised into a semantic postconceptualist theory that includes language as a whole.

Finnis holds that we have to choose between the neoconceptualist paradigm of narrative and neodialectic constructivist theory. However, Bataille suggests the use of semantic postconceptualist theory to attack the status quo.

The subject is interpolated into a submodern paradigm of reality that includes culture as a reality. But several narratives concerning semantic postconceptualist theory may be revealed.

The ground/figure distinction depicted in Smith’s Dogma emerges again in Clerks, although in a more self-fulfilling sense. In a sense, Sargeant suggests that we have to choose between postconceptualist material theory and capitalist narrative.

If the neoconceptualist paradigm of narrative holds, the works of Smith are not postmodern. However, the primary theme of the works of Smith is the role of the poet as observer.

Debord uses the term ‘the postconstructive paradigm of discourse’ to denote not theory as such, but neotheory. Thus, an abundance of destructuralisms concerning the bridge between society and reality exist. Lyotard promotes the use of the neoconceptualist paradigm of narrative to read and analyse society. Therefore, a number of situationisms concerning capitalist precultural theory may be discovered.

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