Demo Doc - KB Features

Several of these features are best illustrated by also opening this same document on the other KB Demo site.

This document is used to illustrate a number of key document features in the KB.

Standard Editing Features

Welcome to my demo doc! The vast majority of content KB docs is just standard text in various formats, much like you would see anywhere on the web. This takes the form of common elements like this paragraph, as well as:

  • Bulleted or numbered lists
  • Inline markup, like bolded text
  • Section headings (seen above)
  • And standard hyperlinks

You'll also frequently see elements like tables, for example:

Features (if you insist on comparing them) Apples Oranges
Color Red, pink, yellow, or green Orange
Outer Layer Peel; edible Rind; technically edible but you probably shouldn't
Flavor Sweet/tart; delicious Sweet/acidic; also delicious

In addition to visual elements, such as images:

Image of an apple and orange side-by-sideBy Michael Johnson -  Apples & Oranges - They Don't Compare, CC BY 2.0Link

Unique KB Features

The KB also contains a number of special document features, many of which are designed to minimize the need to edit or create duplicate content. The most commonly used are:


The KB's LinkDoc feature allows you to easily link to any KB document by only inputting the unique ID number of that document. The full hyperlink and display text will be generated dynamically when the page loads, with the exact hyperlink being determined by the site on which the link is being viewed along with the site(s) where the linked doc is published. Please see the following examples:


 The KB's IncludeDoc feature allows you to embed the body of one KB document inside of another. This allows you to reuse the same content over and over without duplicating it. When that information needs to be changed, you only need to edit the source document, and the updates will be reflected everywhere that document has been embedded.

Additionally, any restrictions placed on the embedded document will be honored. For example, if the embedded doc was only published internally, it will only be allowed to appear on the internal site.

Page Headers and Footers

Page headers and footers are another example of reusable content. You can see an example of a page footer at the bottom of this doc.

Inline Content Restriction Tags

Inline content restriction tags help you customize parts of a single document for different audiences. These different audiences are typically external users, internal users, and people accessing your document on other KB sites where you might have shared it.

This sentence will only appear externally. This sentence will only appear on the UW KB Demo and Training KB.

For more information on the KnowledgeBase, contact the KB team at

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