UW-Madison Profile - Release Notes

UW-Madison Profile - Release Notes

Product Release: June 25, 2024

Data included in June 25, 2024 release: 

Campus Roles:

The services page now displays a user's roles on campus. These classifications are used to indicate what digital services the user is eligible to access.

Lightning Web Runtime:

With this release, Profile was moved to Salesforce's Lightning Web Runtime template from its original Aura template.

Product Release: April 16, 20224

Data included in April 16, 2024 release:


Three additional services can now be displayed to users that are eligible. They include: 

  • Zoom
  • LastPass
  • Box

Product Release: March 12, 2024

Data included in March 12, 2024 release:


Three additional services can now be displayed to users that are eligible. They include: 

  • WiscVPN (Static)
  • Kaltura Mediaspace
  • LinkedIn Learning 

Product Release: January 17, 2024

Data included in January 17, 2024 release:


An additional page, Services, was added to Profile to display digital services that the user is eligible for. The list is limited at this time. For this initial release, eligibility is only displayed for the following:

  • Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • GitLab
  • WiscVPN (Dynamic IP)
  • Qualtrics

Product Release: December 12, 2023

Data included in December 12, 2023 release:

Name in Use:

The following updates were made to the Name in Use component: 

  • Progressive rendering updates and improved load-time.
  • Confirmation email sent to users who make a change to their Name in Use.
  • Updated screen flow copy to support screen reader use and reiterate last name in use policy.
  • Addition of "skeleton loader" feature to indicate that the component is loading (for slower connections). 

Affiliate User Experience:

The following update was made to improve the audience experience for Affiliate Users. 

  • Supporting copy for Related Resources.

Product Release: August 15, 2023

Data included in August 15, 2023 release:

Applicant Access: 

Profile access has been extended to include UW-Madison applicants. Through the use of a dedicated audience, Profile now offers a limited view of the application's features, including: 

  • Name in Use
  • Feedback Survey
  • NetID

Product Release: April 4, 2023

Data included in April 4, 2023 release:

Editable Name in Use:

The Name in Use field, found within the Personal Information section of Profile, can now be edited directly in the application.

  • Individuals can change their first, middle, and last name (with restrictions).
  • These changes will also display in some UW accounts including Zoom, Microsoft Office, and Canvas.
  • The ability to edit your name in use is also still available in MyUW at this time. 

Product Release: Nov. 22, 2022

Data included in Nov. 22, 2022 release:

Contact Information:

Emergency Contacts (for students) are populated with data that is set and present in Student Center. Specifically, a student will see:

  • The name, relationship, and associated phone number(s) to their primary (tagged as Primary) and subsequent emergency contacts. 

*All edit functionality for student emergency contact data lives within Student Center. The UW-Madison Profile experience is providing a view only of this data. 

Application Enhancement:

  • Student Information System (SIS) references have been removed in favor of referencing Student Center.
  • The University of Wisconsin - Madison favicon is now displayed in the browser bar for the UW-Madison Profile experience. Please see the below image to compare before and after. 
Favicon screenshots
Before: Displayed the Salesforce favicon. After: Displays the UW-Madison favicon.
Salesforce Favicon UW-Madison Favicon

UW-Madison Profile Application: Product Release - June 10, 2022

Profile is a new app that will help you manage, view, and get support around your personal data at UW-Madison.

Data included in Product Release:

Personal Information:

  • Primary/Legal Name*
  • Name in Use (Preferred Name)*
  • Birthdate*
  • Pronouns (learn how to set your pronouns in various university applications)

Contact Information:

  • Phone Numbers*
  • Emails*
  • Mailing Addresses*
  • Emergency Contacts (coming soon!)


  • NetID*
  • Duo Multi-Factor Authentication resources
*Denotes dynamic data sourced in real-time.

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