UW-Madison Profile - Terms of Service

The following UW-Madison Profile Terms of Service are the appropriate use guidelines for all UW-Madison Profile application users.

UW-Madison Profile Application Terms of Service:

The following UW-Madison Profile Terms of Service are the appropriate use guidelines for all UW-Madison Profile application users. Creating an account in the UW-Madison Profile service indicates your acceptance of the proper use outlined in this document and the Salesforce Terms of Service.

Welcome to UW-Madison’s Profile application! We are excited to be able to offer you this Profile as a new app that will help you manage, view, and get support around your data at UW-Madison. As you log in for the first time, we want you to be aware of the terms for usage. In addition, to the terms for computer usage that you agreed to when you activated your NetID, there are some additional rules specific to usage within Profile.

By logging in and using your UW-Madison Profile, you also agree to adhere to the following terms of use:

Responsible Use:

UW-Madison Profile application accounts cannot be used to store HIPAA-protected data (Protected Health Information, PHI) unless they are using a HIPAA-protected sub-account. If your account has not been assigned to a HIPAA-protected sub-account, you should NOT store HIPAA-restricted data on this service. 

Please see Data Governance Data Classification for specific data definitions. Individuals using this service are required to:

System Use:

  • UW-Madison’s Profile application service is available only to active UW-Madison students, faculty, and staff with a UW-Madison active NetID. Emeritus staff and Retirees with IT Services also retain access to UW-Madison’s Profile application. Alumni are not eligible for the Profile application service.
  • UW-Madison’s Profile application should not be used as a primary data backup repository or for storing data that is not intended for regular access and use.
  • We recommend keeping backup copies of your critical files on other media, such as a local hard drive, CD-ROM, and/or Bucky Backup. In the unlikely event of a system outage, your online files will not be accessible until service returns.
  • UW-Madison’s Profile application service should not be used to store personal files or data not related to your employment or coursework at the University.
  • You are responsible for the integrity of your data.

Privacy Statement:

UW-Madison respects the legitimate privacy interests of UW-Madison Profile application users within appropriate limits for educational, ethical, and legal reasons.

  • UW-Madison Profile application administrators monitor Profile application traffic volume for system management purposes.
  • Usage may also be subject to security testing and monitoring.
  • If the University receives a credible report that a violation has occurred or, in managing the service, discovers evidence of a breach, the matter will be referred for investigation, University disciplinary action, and/or criminal prosecution.
  • Complaints that specific material violates the law or University policy should be reported to The Office of Cybersecurity: https://it.wisc.edu/reporting-an-incident-to-it-security/
  • If you are employed by the University, you should be aware that any documents that you save or publish in the UW-Madison Profile application may be subject to the Wisconsin Open Records Act. For more information on the Records Management, please go to: http://www.library.wisc.edu/archives/records-management/program-overview/legal-requirements-for-records/

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