Travel Reimbursement

Expense Reimbursement with Travel - Before booking any travel, please read and comply with the University's policies.

Expense Reimbursement with Travel

First and foremost, it is the traveler's responsibility to understand and comply with UW Travel policies! Please get to know the policies, as they can change.

Traveler Responsibilities -

  • Comply with UW Madison Policies (ask Desi Gargano if you are in doubt)

  • Submit expense reports within 90 DAYS of the last travel date

  • Prepare to justify your travel with supporting business purpose and how it benefits the UW.

  • If paid claims are determined to be inappropriate or out-of-policy, the Traveler is required the reimburse the University for the amount paid

Conference or Business Travel

  • REGISTRATION FEE - These are usually prepaid in advance to claim your spot at the conference

    • You can request reimbursement for these ahead of time

    • On following Expense Report, it will be marked as prepaid

    • Mariah can pay for these via dept credit card to avoid ER and out of pocket expense, if you wish

  • ALL Flights MUST be booked via Concur NO EXCEPTIONS -

    • IF you do not book through Concur, your flight cannot be reimbursed

    • Flight comparison is required if booking outside of price or preferred airline of the UW

    • You can depart from MSN, MKE, or ORD

      • Departing and/or returning other than the stated cities above, is allowed ONLY if the fare is more cost effective

      • Must provide cost comparison if you go this route

  • Hotels/Lodging MUST be booked via Concur or with the hotel DIRECTLY

    • IF more cost effective rates are available outside of Concur, you MAY reserve lodging directly with Desi and will need to provide cost comparison

    • Expedia,, Kayak, Priceline, Airbnb, Hotwire, and any other 3rd party site is NOT ALLOWED for booking! You will not be reimbursed.

  •  Airbnb is now allowed as a lodging option

    • The traveler is responsible for booking the Airbnb under their name 

    • The traveler is responsible for contacting Airbnb to gain tax exemption

    • The traveler is responsible for signing the contract, damage deposits, etc. The University will not be liable for any damage caused by traveler

  • Bus & Train Transportation is allowed and may be reimbursed

  • Use of Private Vehicle, Rental Vehicle, or Fleet Vehicle

    • YOU MUST BE AN APPROVED DRIVER NO MATTER WHAT if you choose to use any sort of vehicle for your travel transportation

You can get approved here:

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