Guidelines for Grad Hiring in the Department of Geography

Information regarding hiring of Project Assistants (PA), Teaching Assistants (TA) and Research Assistants (RA) for the Geography Department

Hiring of graduate assistants for the Geography department can be done by using grant and departmental funds.  The current rates, fringe and tuition remission for Graduate assistant can be found here.   In order for Students to earn Tuition Remission, the appointment must be at 33.3%.  All graduate students must be current students and in good standing.  If a Grad student graduates before their appointment ends, the appointment must be terminated at the end of the Semester of the graduation.

Project Assistant
These titles designate graduate students enrolled in a UW System institution who are employed to assist with research, training, or other academic programs or projects at the UW-Madison.  Can be hired during a semester,  Academic (9 months), Annual (12 Months), or on a monthly basis during the summer. 

Research Assistant
A research assistant is a UW-Madison graduate student working towards a Master's or Ph.D. degree. An appointment as a research assistant is appropriate if the activity performed by the research assistant is primarily for the benefit of the individual's course of study and research and directly applicable to the individual's thesis or dissertation. Tasks which are irrelevant or unnecessary to the appointee's academic program or repetitive beyond that which is necessary to achieve excellence in the activity are not appropriate for an individual appointed as a research assistant.
The appointee is required to register for a full load of graduate courses and research. A maximum research assistant stipend is established annually on an institution-wide basis, although the amount of each individual stipend may vary among departments.
A research assistant is to be supported from the federal research funds only if it can be documented that the activities of the research assistant constitute necessary work towards the objectives of the sponsored research project which provides the funding. Can be hired during a semester,  Academic (9 months), Annual (12 Months), or on a monthly basis during the summer. 

Teaching Assistant  - Standard or Senior
This title is appropriate for graduate students enrolled in a UW System institution who have been assigned teaching responsibilities in an instructional department under the supervision of an academic staff or faculty member.
Fringe and Tuition Remission is paid by the University
TA's do not hold 9 month appointments, only Semester Appointments

Project/Program Assistants (PAs) and Teaching Assistants (TAs):Non-dissertators must enroll for at least 2 graduate-level credits during the fall and spring terms; dissertators for 3 graduate-level credits. The Graduate School has no enrollment requirement for the summer session, but individual departments/programs may, so students should contact their department/program if they are PAs in the summer.

Research Assistants (RAs), Fellows, Trainees: Non-dissertators must enroll for at least 8 graduate level credits during the fall and spring terms, and 2 graduate-level credits during the eight week summer session; dissertators must enroll for 3 graduate-level credits during the fall, spring and the eight-week summer session.

Courses numbered below 300, audits, and pass/fail do not satisfy any of the above enrollment requirements.

Schools, colleges, departments and programs may establish more stringent minimum enrollment criteria. International graduate students may have additional requirements.

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