A friendlier view of  Tracks ifOperStatus, BGP and l2circuit status for “interesting” interfaces and subinterfaces.  Groups subinterfaces into service/redundancy pairs based on operator defined YAML   Overall summary, current impacted items, quick links and summaries per sitecode.

This tool uses already existing polling [FIDO framework] and just shows it differently.  It includes showing what is known by us whether it is working or not, whereas FIDO focuses on showing what's broken. 


Engineers have found value documenting how various connections form service redundancy groups.  Campuses have multiple locations, redundancy models, services, and sometimes multiple institutions are receiving service at a location (such as DR reciprocity agreements).  

As we have added checks and alarms, the turbulence on the main FIDO page grows.  Depending on the level of the user I've gotten feedback for example that not everyone "wants" to see the details on every last thing that happens with respect to the main FIDO display.  So this view shows focuses on events for which it is more clear cut that an impact has occurred.  For example, the loss of a node, the loss of link on an interface, the loss of a BGP neighbor, etc etc. 

So by design it is NOT meant to be a replacement tool for FIDO and is purposely less detailed.  It is not intended to show every minor event and it forgoes attempts to try to correlate events other than by organizing events by configured redundancy groups.

CGI parameters


  • "narrow" sets width of 'Current Events'
general info: 
  • search parameters form a logical OR.  
  • Multiple parameters of a given type can be CSV deliminated [example id=S602,S603].  
  • The kin of a matching search [parents or children] should be shown as well
  • search params: "connector", "description, "device"
  • The 'any' parameter: "any=voip" would be shorthand for "connector=voip&description=voip&device=voip"

Example of a degraded service

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