Change of Admitting Status for a Master’s Level Degree/Major Program*

Protocol established January 2017

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Approval Process

In general, the admitting status of academic degree/major programs at UW-Madison is to be open to admitting new students for enrollment and to grant degree/major awards. That is, the default status is admitting.

For Master’s level degree/major programs, the program faculty may seek to change the admit status of the program.
Two changes are possible:

Typically, a Master’s program with a non-admitting status is a partner program with an admitting Ph.D. program of the same name; the Master’s program would not be open to admissions but would be available to be awarded to a student who leaves the Ph.D. program without fulfilling all the Ph.D. requirements but has completed sufficient requirements for the Master’s. In some cases, students working toward a Ph.D. will be awarded a Master’s as a milestone requirement of progress toward the Ph.D.

Any change in admit status must be approved through governance.

 The Proposal

A proposal to change admit status is originated by the program faculty and must be entered through Lumen programs (requires credentials), found through the Lumen widget (requires credentials) in MyUW.

The form incorporates the following mandatory questions.

If a change of admit status is embedded in a larger restructuring proposal, information should be provided that covers these same points. In such cases, GFEC will approve change of admit status in the context of the restructuring proposal.

  Approval Process

  1. The program faculty prepare a proposal document in Lumen Programs, formally approve the proposal and advance the proposal to the dean’s offices. It is required that the department chair, or designee, enters approval information in Lumen Programs indicating the process and/or determination of the faculty.
  2. The dean’s office approves the proposal through their standard process, usually by consideration at the school/college academic planning council. It is required that the dean, or designee, enters approval information in Lumen Programs indicating the process and/or determination of the academic planning council.
  3. The dean/dean’s designee advances the proposal to Dean of the Graduate School and Provost.
  4. The Graduate School will review the materials and schedule the proposal for consideration at the Graduate Faculty Executive Committee. Subsequently, the University Academic Planning Council will also approve the action as a matter of automatic consent.
  5. The Office of the Provost will distribute a formal notice to interested campus individuals involved in implementation.

Parmesh Ramanathan
Associate Dean, Graduate School

Jocelyn Milner
Vice Provost and Director, Academic Planning and Institutional Research

References: Change of Admitting Status for a Master's Level Degree/Major Program