1. Undergraduate Major Declaration Policies
  2. Template - Implementation and Logistics Meeting*
  3. Change CIP Code*
  4. Tuition Structures for Degree/Majors and Certificate Programs*
  5. Policy on Major Declaration for Schools/Colleges that Enroll Undergraduates*
  6. Substantially Redirect a Degree/Major: Curricular Change*
  7. Change of Academic/Administrative Home for Academic Programs and Subjects*
  8. Program Review/Approval Contacts*
  9. Requirements and Processes for Academic Programs with Non-Pooled/131 Tuition Status*
  10. Approvals for Distance Education Programs and Courses
  11. Policy on Suspending or Discontinuing Degree/Major Programs
  12. Substantially Redirect a Degree/Major: Change Start Term, Add or Change Requirement for a Summer Term
  13. Changes to Academic Program Assessment Plans
  14. Expectations for Academic Advising Resources
  15. Changes to Academic Program Learning Outcomes
  16. Policy on Low Award Producing Academic Programs