1. Change of Academic/Administrative Home for Academic Programs and Subjects*
  2. Change of Admitting Status for a Master’s Level Degree/Major Program*
  3. Policy: Departments and Department-like Academic Units Definition, Privileges, Responsibilities, and Process for Approvals*
  4. Policy on Discontinuation of Obsolete Courses*
  5. Substantially Redirect a Degree/Major: Curricular Change*
  6. Policy on Major Declaration for Schools/Colleges that Enroll Undergraduates*
  7. Requirements and Processes for Academic Programs with Non-Pooled/131 Tuition Status*
  8. Policy on Named Options within Academic Majors
  9. Policy on the Credit Hour
  10. Policy on Minimum Qualifications for Instructional Staff
  11. Policy on Approval and Reporting of Academic Activities at an Additional Location
  12. Policy on Suspending or Discontinuing Degree/Major Programs
  13. Substantially Redirect a Degree/Major: Change Start Term, Add or Change Requirement for a Summer Term
  14. Policy on Low Award Producing Academic Programs
  15. Tuition Structures for Degree/Majors and Certificate Programs
  16. Establishing, Evaluating, and Changing Centers, Institutes, and Center-like Units
  17. Approval of Consortial Arrangements for Shared Delivery of Academic Programs
  18. Approval of Contractual Arrangements for the Delivery of Credit Instruction
  19. Policy on Credit by Departmental Exam: Approved Courses
  20. Policy on Departmental Placement Exams
  21. Policy on Credit by Departmental Exam
  22. Policy on Directed/Independent Study for Undergraduates
  23. Policy on the Use of Pass/Fail Grading Option for Undergraduates
  24. Approvals for Distance Education Programs and Courses