1. Requisite Amnesty Program
  2. Ways to Earn Credit at UW-Madison
  3. Course Attribute for Sustainability
  4. Policy on the Use of Pass/Fail Grading Option for Undergraduates
  5. Courses with Topic Titles
  6. Course Descriptions
  7. Policy on Discontinuation of Obsolete Courses*
  8. Policy on the Credit Hour
  9. Policy on Minimum Qualifications for Instructional Staff
  10. Course Attribute for Workplace Experience
  11. Course Syllabus
  12. Course Requisites
  13. Course Level Student Learning Outcomes
  14. Proposing Directed/Independent Study or Thesis Courses
  15. Accessing Archived Course Proposals
  16. Tuition Structures for Degree/Majors and Certificate Programs
  17. Course Descriptions and the use of Enroll Info:
  18. Course Titles
  19. Policy on Credit by Departmental Exam: Approved Courses
  20. Policy on Departmental Placement Exams
  21. Course Numbers
  22. Course Crosslisting
  23. Course Attribute for Foreign Language
  24. Course Attribute for Graduate Level
  25. Policy on Course Attributes
  26. Policy on Credit by Departmental Exam
  27. Policy on Directed/Independent Study for Undergraduates
  28. Course Attribute for Community Based Learning
  29. Course Proposal Review Process - Purpose, Standards and Responsibilities
  30. Course Attribute for Honors Designations
  31. Courses with Variable Credit
  32. Course Grading Bases
  33. Approvals for Distance Education Programs and Courses
  34. Course Requisites: Existing, Standard Requisites
  35. Course Requisites: Building an Enforceable Requisite