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Badger Food Assistance Resource for Emergencies/ Badger FARE



Phone (608)-262-1156

21 N Park St
Madison, WI 53715

The Division of Continuing Studies has started a pilot program called Badger Food Assistance Resource for Emergencies (Badger FARE) which helps students with food insecurity.

Badger FARE’s mission is to connect students who are dealing with temporary and/or ongoing food insecurity with campus and community resources for long-term support, while providing them with funds that they can immediately use to purchase food on campus.  Badger FARE provides students with a $25 meal card for the Unions and information on long-term resources.

They have distributed a total of 78 $25 cards with brochures (see attached sample) among the following offices, so if you encounter any students struggling to find money for food, please refer them to one of these offices:

o   University Health Services Care Management (7th Floor 333 East Campus Mall)
  Molly Kloehn and Jeff Peterson

o   Adult Career and Special Student Services (Rm 7101 21 North Park St.)
Autumn Sanchez ( and Martin Rouse (

o   Dean of Students Office  (Rm 70 Bascom Hall)
Kate Dougherty

o   Financial Aid (9th Floor 333 East Campus Mall)
Greg Offerman

o   Multicultural Student Center (2nd Floor Red Gym 716 Langdon St.)

o   Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Campus Center (1st Floor Red Gym 716 Langdon St.)
Katherine Charek Briggs

o   Engineering Student Services (1415 Engineering Drive)
Megan Schreiber and Nancy Hansen

A few other points about the program:
  • There is no application that students need to fill out or requirements they need to meet (other than being a current student) to secure the $25 card.
  • This resource is not a loan, so it does not need to be repaid. It is meant to support other programs on campus such as the Dean of Students Crisis Loan and ASM’s terrific Open Seat Food Pantry
  • Piloting offices will be closely monitoring this program to make sure it is adequately supporting and meeting the needs of any students struggling with food insecurity.
  • The creation of this program was inspired by the reading of last year’s Go Big Read selection, Evicted by Mathew Desmond, and conversations with students and many campus colleagues, including those in the Offices of the Dean of Students and Student Financial Aid. A team here in Adult Career and Special Student Services in the Division of Continuing Studies then worked out the details of the program which included securing the critical start-up funds which are funding this pilot.  

Where Can I Use My Card?

Memorial Union 

  • Der Rathskeller 
  • Strada 
  • Carte 
  • Badger Market
  • Peet's Coffee & Tea 
  • Der Stiftskeller 
  • Lakeview Lounge 
  • BBQ Stand                

Union South 

  • The Sett 
  • Badger Market 
  • Urban Slice 
  • Harvest Grains
  • Ginger Root 
  • Prairie Fire 

When Can I Start Using My Card?
You can start using your card immediately.  

How Much Money is on My Card?
$25 is preloaded on your card.  

When Does My Card Expire?
You will need to use your card by the end of the current semester. Once you have finished using your card, you can either recycle it or return it to the staff member who gave you the card to be reused. 

Who Funds this Program?
This pilot program is being funded by the Division of Continuing Studies. 

Who can participate?
Any student who is enrolled, including part-time, international, special students, and auditors. 

Please contact the Division of Continuing Studies at 608-262-1156 or 

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