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UCCX 12.5 - Agent Finesse Login/Logout

This document shows how to log in and out of the Finesse

Logging into Finesse

Please note that Finesse is compatible with Jabber 12.8.1 or earlier.

  1. Before logging into Finesse, you must make sure your phone is ready. That can mean logging into Jabber Cisco VoIP - Jabber for Voice Only Overview and Sign in Information or logging into your telephone UCCX - Logging in and out of telephone . If you are accessing Finesse from off-campus, you must also log into Global Protect VPN before logging into Finesse. WiscVPN - How to Install, Connect, Uninstall, and Disconnect WiscVPN Palo Alto GlobalProtect
  2. Once you are ready, use a web browser (preferably Firefox, Edge or Chrome) to navigate to We recommend that you use a separate browser for your other web browsing. You will want Finesse to always be in an active window.
  3. You should see the following log in screen:
  4. Fill in the following information
    1. Username: Your NetID
    2. Password: Your NetID Password
    3. Extension: Your agent line telephone. You must put the +1 in front your 10-digit extension.
  5. Upon successful login, you will be brought to the agent desktop
  6. To troubleshoot log in errors, see UCCX 12.5 - Finesse Log in Errors

Logging out of Finesse

  1. Make your self not ready UCCX 12.5 - Changing Agent State in Finesse
  2. Go to the identity icon in the right corner of the Finesse Desktop and choose sign out.
    Identity icon in Finesse desktop

If you need further help, please contact the DoIT Help Desk for assistance

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