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Webex App - Voicemail

You don't have to worry about missing important calls. If someone calls you and you're unable to answer their call, they can leave you a voice message. You see a red badge counter letting you know how many messages you have. You can then check your voicemail directly in the app.

Listen to your messages

You can listen to your voice messages right from the app and what you do with them after that depends on your calling service.

Listen to Messages

  • You do not need your PIN to access voice messages directly in Webex App. 
  • The PIN is ONLY required when dialing into the voicemail box. 
  • Your NetID must be assigned to your mailbox in order to view your messages directly in the Webex App.

Go to Voicemail, choose a message, and then listen to the message in one of the following ways:

  • Right-click the message and choose Play voice message.
  • Click Play in the window that opens to the right.

You have a few other options at your fingertips: call the person back with audio or video, delete the message, or mark the message as read.

Your voice messages may show one of these indicators:

  •  Exclamation—Indicates an urgent, important voice message.

  •  Key—Indicates a private voice message. You cannot forward private messages to other people.

  •  Lock (Unified CM only)—Indicates a secure voice message. Each time you play the message, it is downloaded and then the local file is deleted when you're finished.


After you listen to a message, you can send it to your Trash folder, if you're set up with Calling in Webex App (Unified CM). Right-click the message and choose Delete. If you need to recover the message because you accidentally deleted it, go to your Trash folder, right-click the message, and then select Recover.


If you don't see the Voicemail option in Webex App, it means that your administrator hasn't set up your voicemail box. But, you can click Call Voicemail and follow the prompts to listen to your messages. You can also access more voicemail features, such as creating a personalized greeting, sending a message, and more.

Listen to Voicemail Messages From Another Phone Number

  • Go to Voicemail  and select Call Voicemail  
  • Enter your ID (7 digit phone number of the mailbox you want to access) followed by #
  • Enter your PIN followed by #

Delete your messages

You can delete your messages right from the app, but you can only delete one message at a time.  This is the same for deleting messages from the Web Inbox.

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