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Cisco VoIP - Forwarding calls in Jabber (Windows/Mac)

This document explains how to set call forwarding in the Cisco Jabber application on Windows or Mac. Please watch the video or follow the steps outlined below. Please note the video was made using a prior version of Jabber

When would I use call forwarding?

To avoid missing calls when you are not at your desk, you can forward calls to another phone number.


  • I want to receive all calls to my cell phone when working remotely.
  • I want call to be directed to my colleagues desk when I am out for lunch.
  • I am holding a meeting in my office and want to forward all calls to voicemail.

How do I forward a call?

  1. Open the Cisco Jabber app.
  2. Select the computer shaped icon next to the phone number
  3. Select the line you would like to forward and choose Forward Calls
  4. Select where you would like to forward your calls voicemail or a new number.
    1. Voicemail: Select Voicemail from the drop down menu
    2. New Number: Select New number from the drop down menu. Type in the number that you would like your calls forwarded. Please remember to use the campus dialing pattern. Click Forward. See Cisco VoIP - Dialing patterns for dialing information.

How do I turn off call forwarding?

To  turn off call forwarding from the Jabber application at any time click Click to Turn Off at the bottom of your Jabber application window.

Please note that you can also turn on call forwarding from your Cisco desktop phone or by logging into the Self Care Portal.

If you need further help, please contact the DoIT Help Desk for assistance.

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