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21Cisco VoIP - Jabber Calling Basics (Windows/Mac)798722022-02-0349777
22Cisco VoIP - Transferring calls in Jabber (Windows/Mac)798712022-02-0321451
23Cisco VoIP - Making conference calls in Jabber (Windows)798672022-02-0345950
24Webex App - Turn off your Video for all Incoming Calls1152922021-12-161569
25Webex App - Merge Two Phone Calls1152902021-12-161312
26Webex App - Make Calls with your Desk Phone1152892021-12-162260
27Webex App - Change the Active Line for Calling1152882021-12-161519
28Webex App - Put a Phone Call on Hold1152852021-12-161160
29Webex App - Test Your Connection with the Health Checker1152842021-12-161963
30Webex App - Park and Retrieve Calls1152832021-12-161198
31Webex App - Add Someone to your Contacts List1152812021-12-163000
32Webex App - Start a Conference Call1152292021-12-132298
33Webex App - Pick up Someone Else's Phone Call1152272021-12-131392
34Webex App - Call Anyone with a Webex App Account1152262021-12-131167
35Cisco VoIP - Answering/Placing Calls in Jabber (Windows/Mac)725442021-09-2914665
36Cisco VoIP - Downloading and Configuring the Jabber App for iPhone987442021-09-075481
37Cisco VoIP - Telephone options for shared spaces1121062021-07-012421
38Cisco VoIP - Listen to Your Voicemails from Cisco Jabber (Android/iOS)1106692021-05-051841
39Cisco VoIP - Forward Cisco Jabber Calls (Android/iOS)1106572021-05-051750
40Cisco VoIP - Answering/Placing Calls in Jabber (Android/iOS)1106542021-05-051726
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