Summary of Changes Made to the WARP KB

A summary of the KB Committee work product and timelines.

  1. Design

The WARP KB has been redesigned to maximize ease of use and encourage more groups to add content to the site, such that the KB will become a truly central repository for management of WARP knowledge. Please visit WARPTEST to preview what the KB will look like after July 22, 2020.

    1. Key features:

      1. Navigation Pane

[LEFT SIDEBAR] This Side Module reflects the topic tree categories, one of which is selected by the author for each document using the document editor.

      1. Shortcuts

[LEFT SIDEBAR] These are shortcuts to selected Quick Search queries:

  • Full WARP KB Inventory: this will yield a list of all active pages on the WARP KB

  • All WRAP Pages: this will yield a search query showing all pages with WRAP in the title or keywords

  • All ADRC Pages: this will yield a search query showing all pages with ADRC in the title or keywords

  • Favorites: this will show a list of all KB pages you have marked as favorites


  • Suggestion Box, which links to this Google Form

      1. WRAP Content 

[TOP BAR, UNDER SEARCH] WRAP content is accessible from the top menu bar. The first option in this drop-down menu, “Index” mirrors the document previously entitled WRAP Manuals & Documentation, also known as the WRAP Landing Page. 

  1. Policies

    1. Please use the new editor.

    2. Templates

Please use one of these templates* for all new documents:

      1. SOP Template

      2. Informational Document Template

*Please consult your manager for guidance on whether currently active documents need to be adapted to fit the new templates.

    1. Publication Process and Permissions

      1. On July 1, 2020, you will lose your permissions to publish new documents directly to the KB.

      2. The KB Review Committee must approve all documents prior to publication going forward. The Committee will meet monthly to review documents awaiting publication. Documents will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

        • Adherence to new templates

        • Appropriate use of keywords

        • Appropriate use of topic assignments

        • Duplication - does a document addressing the same topic already exist?

        • Consistency of font and formatting

        • Hyperlink functionality

      3. Starting on the aforementioned date, please reach out to with any time sensitive requests.

      4. Please set the status of documents ready for publication to “In Review” - this will notify the Review Committee that your document is ready to be reviewed for publication. 

      5. This guidance also applies to changes made to existing documents. Please set the modified document to “In Review,” summarizing the changes in the “ChangeSummary” field, and indicating whether or not the change is minor. Repairing broken links, correcting typos, extending expiration dates, and adding keywords would all constitute minor changes.

    2. Topic Assignment

      1. Please assign each document to a single topic in the topic tree (Topics field in the document editor).

      2. The document will then appear in the list of documents also assigned that topic in the Navigation Pane.

      3. If you believe that your document creates a need for a new topic, please reach out to

  1. Reference: Guidance Documents

    1. Document Creation Guidelines

    2. Posting New or Updated Documents to KnowledgeBase

    3. Accordion Menu Example

    4. Landing Page Template

    5. 7/17/20 New KB Q&A Session Slides

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