WRAP Data Freeze - "ConsensusConferenceDiagnosis" Field Definitions

This document describes the calculated fields of the "ConsensusConferenceDiagnosis" table generated by the WRAP Data Freeze process.

The calculated fields of the "ConsensusConferenceDiagnosis" table all use the
"ConsensusConference" table field values in their determinations.  The fields of
the "ConsensusConference" table take their values from the "WRAP NACC ver5_02-19.docx"
document  This document records the determinations from the WRAP Consensus Conference.

This document is available for viewing here.WRAPNACCver5_02-19.docx

Below is the SQL which defines each of the "ConsensusConferenceDiagnosis"
field values.  Note that the numeral portion of the field reference refers to the
question number, i.e. "cc3" refers to Question 3 on the "WRAP NACC ver5_02-19.docx"

Field "consensus_dx":

         NZ(cc3,-999) = 1, "Dementia",
         NZ(cc2,-999)=1 Or (NZ(cc4_early,-999)=0 And NZ(cc4_clinical,-999)=0), "Cog_Unimpaired_Stable",                
         NZ(cc4e,-999) = 1, "Impaired_Not_MCI",
         NZ(cc4_early,-999) = -1, "Cog_Unimpared_Declining",
         NZ(cc4_clinical,-999) = -1, "Clinical_MCI") AS consensus_dx
Field "dementia_type":

      Iif(NZ(cc3,-999) = 1, Switch(
            NZ(cc5,-999) = 1, Switch(NZ(cc5a,-999) = 1, "Probable_AD_Primary", NZ(cc5a,-999) = 2, "Probable_AD_Secondary"),
            NZ(cc6,-999) = 1, Switch(NZ(cc6a,-999) = 1, "Possible_AD_Primary", NZ(cc6a,-999) = 2, "Possible_AD_Secondary"))) AS dementia_type

Field "cons_memory":

      Iif(NZ(cc3,-999) <> 1, Iif(NZ(cc4a,-999) = 1 or NZ(cc4b,-999) = 1, 1, 0),NULL) AS cons_memory

Field: "cons_language":

      Iif(NZ(cc3,-999) <> 1, Iif(NZ(cc4b_lang,-999) = 1 or NZ(cc4c_lang,-999) = 1 or NZ(cc4d_lang,-999) = 1, 1, 0),NULL) AS cons_language

Field: "cons_attention":

      Iif(NZ(cc3,-999) <> 1, Iif(NZ(cc4b_att,-999) = 1 or NZ(cc4c_att,-999) = 1 or NZ(cc4d_att,-999) = 1, 1, 0),NULL) AS cons_attention

Field: "cons_execfunc":

      Iif(NZ(cc3,-999) <> 1, Iif(NZ(cc4b_exec,-999) = 1 or NZ(cc4c_exec,-999) = 1  or NZ(cc4d_exec,-999) = 1, 1, 0),NULL) AS cons_execfunc

Field: "cons_visuospatial":

      Iif(NZ(cc3,-999) <> 1, Iif(NZ(cc4b_vis,-999) = 1    or NZ(cc4c_vis,-999) = 1 or NZ(cc4d_vis,-999) = 1, 1, 0),NULL) AS cons_visuospatial

The SQL above is contained in the "qryCCLong" query.  Within this query is referenced the "qryTallies" query,  The contents of these queries in their entirety
are available below:


Note that all of these queries are run in a MS-Access 2016 environment.  The "NonMiss" function is one that was locally written
to indicate if a particular value was missing.  This can be provided as well if desired.

Note that all of the SQL above was written by Erin Jonaitis of WRAP. 

If you have any questions about this documentation or suggestions for it's improvement, please contact

      Allen Wenzel
      WRAP Administrative Program Specialist
      EMail: awenzel@wisc.edu

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