Informational Document Template

Write 1-2 sentences explaining what information will be found in this document/the goal of the information. This information will appear right below the Title.

**Please see [Link for document 104095 is unavailable at this time.] before using this template

**Title is flexible, but should include a word like "information," "about," "summary," or similar, when possible. It should not include the words "How to" or "SOP." Consider using the SOP template if you are tempted to use these words.

**You may choose option 1 or 2 depending which best suits your needs. Include images wherever is appropriate.


**Subheading 1

**Informational documents can easily become word dense. To avoid this problem, spilt up the information into different topics. Differentiate these topics with bolded subheadings. (See this [Link for document 96240 is unavailable at this time.] document as an example)

**Subheading 2

**Informational section

**Subheading X

**Informational section


**Subheading/General Topic Sentence (Note: this information should be different from your summary. If your summary covers all general information and you do not have a subheading, delete this section and go straight into bullet points.)

  • **You may find that your information works nicely with bullet points
  • **If this is the case for you, use option two
  • **Do NOT change the bullet points to numbers
  • **See this [Link for document 76410 is unavailable at this time.] document as an example
  • **Try to limit your information to 10 bullet points
    • If using the new editor, hit "tab" on the keyboard to indent Information
      • You can indent as many times as you need
  • **If using the old editor, you must manually tab by clicking the "indent" button
    • This button is located next to the numbered list button
  • **Information

**Reminder: delete all information with asterisks (including this) and the template option you did not use before submitting

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