WRAP Data Freeze - CogState Fields

This is a description of the CogState Fields in the WRAP Data Freeze

CogState is a computer administered testing battery that assesses a variety of cognitive
functions through various tasks presented to the WRAP Participant.

CogState Tests that WRAP Participants perform:

• Chase Test
• Groton Maze Learning Test
• Detection Task
• Identification Task
• One Card Learning Task
• One Back Test
• Two Back Test
• Continuous Paired Associate Learning Task
• Groton Maze Learning Task – Delayed Recall 

The tests are administered by a WRAP Coordinator on a laptop. After the
CogState tests have completed, the WRAP Coordinator uploads the test
session data to the CogState website. Some time later the WRAP data is
downloaded from the CogState website and into a format that is importable
into the WRAP Database.

The CogState "FileFormatSpecificationandDataDescription.pdf" provides a full
description of the above tests on pages 3-6.

The outcome variables are described in full on pages 7-15 of this manual.

A discussion of missing data and task completion indications are in Section 5
beginning on page 16.

It should be noted that an error was found in Table 3 of the above document
(page 10). The first entry for "CPAL" / "acc" has an incorrect "Unit of measurement"
and "Description and interpretion of scores" entries. The entries should mimic those
of "OCL" / "acc" later in the table.

The data in the WRAP Data Freeze contains Completion and Integrity
Checks for all of the CogState Tests performed. In addition, the CogState
data in the WRAP Data Freeze is transformed data. But, the data does not
include the Client Language nor are the Rows and Columns Inverted.

Here are the settings that are used when downloading data from the CogState website:

Cogstate Data Download - First Set
Cogstate Data Download - Second Set
Cogstate Data Download - Third Set

The WRAP CogState testing data is located in the "CogState" table. All CogState test data
for a Participant for a specific Visit are on the same line. The different CogState test data is
differentiated by field name prefixes, i.e. all CPAL CogState data fields will have a "CPALX_"
prefix, the GMCT test, a "GMCT_" prefix, etc...

In some cases where a test wasn't performed fully performed or skipped, a series of "999" values
were placed into the corresponding fields on the record.

The ResearchManualupdatedfinal.pdf file contains information on installing the software
and testing procedures.

Additional information on guidelines for analyzing CogState data can be found
in this document CogStateData-GuidelinesforAnalysis.pdf.

If any questions arise, please feel free to contact Dan Plotz or Barb Rosenthal.

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