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First Sign in or New Computer Deployed - Windows

Steps to take when you sit down at your computer for the first time.

Computer Replacement: 

We have revamped our process for replacing computers- we have enabled you to remotely connect to the new computer and thoroughly test the functionality, log into the applications that you'll be using, and make sure that it performs to your expectations before actually placing it on your desk. We will give you the computer name and you can use the Remote Desktop application to start that process. 

Browser Bookmark Considerations: 

Both Firefox and Chrome have the ability to store your browser settings in the cloud. This will include bookmarks, individual site settings, and stored passwords. We recommend you choose sign into your preferred browser and sync this data into the cloud with your current computer before we deploy a new computer. Then, when you get your new computer, you can then sign into the browser and your data will be pulled down to the new system relatively seamlessly and you should be able to move forward with a minimum of interruption. 

Here is an excellent "how to" for logging into, managing, and checking if you have already set up a Firefox account.

How to sign into Google Chrome and sync your browser settings.

Welcome to your new computer! 

There are a few things to do before you begin really using it. Below we'll go over those things as well as talk briefly about why the process is set up to be this way. 

Description of Service:

Our goal is to provide a safe and reliable computing environment for Law School staff members - we want to ensure that your data is protected, backed up, and that if you need to access it outside of the building, you are able to do so. We do this by using Microsoft OneDrive which is a service that is included with each person's Microsoft 365 license.  When combined with the Campus Active Directory organizational structure, we are able to securely and reliably map a staff member's personal files and folders (including documents, pictures, etc) into a cloud based platform to provide data redundancy and data access from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet service.
Please note that Law School IT staff does NOT have access to your cloud based data (though in emergencies, we could potentially access the copy stored on your workstation.) 

First Login Process:

  • Login with your NetID and password
  • Find the OneDrive icon-  either look for the icon in the lower left, by the time or search for it in the Start Menu. 
  • Log into OneDrive using your 
  • Reboot  

This sets the conditions necessary for your Windows folders to properly Sync with OneDrive, but requires a 2nd Login to OneDrive.

OneDrive Icon

  • If necessary, login to OneDrive again.
  • Start Microsoft Outlook; login using
  • Start Adobe Creative Cloud and sign in with (Make sure to choose the option "Work / School Account.")
At this point, prior data (if it exists) should begin copying down from the OneDrive cloud storage. The time required will depend on how much data you have stored, but the cloud icon next to the time will indicate the current status. (Click HERE for icon meanings.)
You will also have to login to Microsoft Teams, however Windows 11 has a version of Teams that is incompatible with the version we use here at the UW. First, click on the start button, then search for Teams. You will find a "Microsoft Teams - Personal" listed. Right click on it to uninstall it. Next, go to to download the correct version. Choose "Teams for Work or School" and download the 64 bit version. When it's done, double click on the file to install Teams. After it's installed, you can log in with your account. 
At some point, you'll also want to sign into your browser of choice with the new computer - please refer to the documentation near the beginning of this article for how to do so.


If you need access to a network printer that isn't listed in your accessible printers, open your file browser (Windows Explorer "\\law-printapp" (without the quotes) and press Enter. A list of printers in the Law Building will open in a window on your desktop; you can double click on the printer that you need to be able to use to install it.
 file browser - print app
It may take several minutes to install the printer. The process will be complete when the printer queue opens (a window with the printer name at the top that might list active print jobs.)

Other considerations: 

Your account also has access to many of the Google services. You can sign into that profile by following THIS link

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