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Logging into a Laptop using Global Protect at Login

How to log into a computer using Global Protect to log in for the first time.

If you're a remote worker, you may be logging into a computer that is part of the UW's Active Directory system / domain for the first time, but the computer can not talk to campus to validate your username without 2 prerequisites.

  • First, you need to join it to your own personal network.  
    • Plug the laptop into power and turn it on. It should boot and display the time and date.
    • Press any key to bring up the login screen. (Where the computer requests the username / password of the operator.)
    • At the login window, click on the wireless icon in the lower right - it looks like a quarter section of concentric circles and sign into your personal wireless.
    •  (If you're operating off of a wired connection, simply plugging in should establish the network connection.)
  • Next, you need to sign into Global Protect
    • From the login window, click on the Global Protect icon. It looks like a padlock and key.
    • If it asks, enter the portal address -  
    • Next, enter your username and password. (This is your NetID and password associated with it.)
    • Finally, to send a duo mobile push, enter a in the final field. This will initiate a Duo push to your phone.

This should get you logging into the system though due to the remote nature of your login, it may take a bit longer than usual to fully log in.

From here, you should follow the instructions on First login on a new computer on initial setup and use of your new computer.

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