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Remington - 4315 Copier Installation Instructions to Enable Print From Personal Mac Laptops.

How to setup printing to the copier in 4315 from a student's Mac laptop.

Alternate instructions for wireless printing in the clinics - direct print to printer.

Step 1. Download the PPD file from the manufacturer: 

The 4315 side of the Remington center has a Ricoh 2555 Copier - you can download a file that will install the PPD files by clicking HERE.

Step 2. Install the PPD File

Double click on the "RicohPrinterDrivers.dmg" file and allow the installation on your computer.

Step 3. Setup the printer

  • Click on the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Printers
  • Click the + under the list of installed printers to add a printer.
  • Click the globe icon at the top of the window to install the printer by address.
  • Enter the Address of the printer in the Address line and the name you'd like to label the printer on the name line.
  • Check that the "Use" line lists the correct model of printer - if it isn't automatically found, click the pull down and choose "Select Software" and then choose "Ricoh Aficio MP 2550 PS" from the list.
  • click "Add." 
  • For the optional equipment, make sure to include the Duplexer.

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