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how to install voyager, notes on windows 7 compatibility

LAPTOPS (non domain)

Easiest way to get voyager working:
1) put the newest voyager installer from \\uwlaw0\install on a usb drive
2) go to their library desktop and copy the entire c:\voyager folder to the same usb drive
3) on their laptop rename c:\voyager to c:\voyager_old (if there is already an old, delete it)
4) run the voyager installer (may want to do custom install so you can install everything), this will correctly install any new dlls that windows needs
5) rename the "new" c:\voyager to c:\voyager_bad
6) copy from usb drive the "voyager" folder from their hard drive to c:\

These steps will 1) link / install all the dlls 2) use their exact settings from their (working) desktop machine.

REM Make a backup copy of Voyager files and run silent install
set MyNewFileName=%DATE:~10,4%%DATE:~4,2%%DATE:~7,2%%TIME:~0,2%%TIME:~3,2%%TIME:~6,2%
xcopy /s /i "C:\Voyager" "C:\Voyager.bak.%MyNewFileName%"
msiexec /passive /i \\lib5344-kenc1\C$\temp\VoyagerInstall.msi ADDLOCAL="Callslip,Reporter,Cataloging,Circulation,Acquisitions,System,Configs"

REM Old install
REM \\lib5344-kenc1\C$\temp\VoyagerInstall.exe /quiet

echo "Voyager install complete"

\\lib5344-kenc1\C$\temp\tagtable\oclc    C:\Voyager\Catalog\TagTable\oclc
\\lib5344-kenc1\C$\temp\Voyager.ini    C:\Voyager\Voyager.ini
\\lib5344-kenc1\C$\temp\tagtable\Bmarcfix.cfg    C:\Voyager\Catalog\tagtable\Bmarcfix.cfg
\\lib5344-kenc1\C$\temp\tagtable\Country.cfg    C:\Voyager\Catalog\tagtable\Country.cfg
\\lib5344-kenc1\C$\temp\tagtable\Lang.cfg    C:\Voyager\Catalog\tagtable\Lang.cfg
\\lib5344-kenc1\C$\temp\MARC21 Repertoire.cfg    C:\Voyager\Catalog\MARC21 Repertoire.cfg

Note verified:
I'll just add... The "unexpected error, quitting"  can also be resolved by running "catalog.exe" and "aquisistions.exe" as administrator the first time. After that, they work as normal.

From an email sent to the voyager-l list.

Here's a brief summary of my testing:
When installing software, I always launched the 
installation programs by using Windows 7's 
"Run As Administrator" context menu choice.

Voyager staff clients: When I launched Cataloging 
and Acquisitions, I got "Unexpected Error, Quitting."
To fix that, I right clicked on the program "catalog.exe"
and selected "Troubleshoot compatibility", "Try 
recommended settings", "Use WinXP SP2 compatibility
mode", and "Save settings." I followed the same steps 
for "acquisitions.exe". 

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