Law School Tech Department Policies

Tech department policy on installation of java on end user's workstations.

See also: (providing computers) (computer policy)

Response Time

Initial response time 75th percentile of less than a business day.  All requests for assistance should have a substantive response within 3 business days.

Video Conferencing

We support skype, google hangouts and Poly Com conferencing.

  • Polycom -- anytime this is scheduled, recommend to the user that a test be performed.  We need a remote contact to work with.
  • Skype -- they need to exchange contact information.  If the user hasn't used skype before, a skype test (not necessarily to the person they are scheduling with) should be performed.  Perhaps exchange tech skype info so they can do a test with us.
  • Google Hangouts -- same as Skype.
  • MSTeams -- Same as Skype.
  • BBCollaborte - Canvas integrated and personal conferencing service

Classroom Issues

Classroom issues should be rectified immediately. If a tech person is required to address the issue in person, the issue needs to be documented in RT.  If the problem was able to be figured out and the class continued successfully, create an RT ticket with the information and then resolve.  If the problems are not quickly resolvable, the full time staff person on call must be contacted via phone. 99% of the time, this will be Darryl or Patrick, but occasionally Eric may be the on call person. At the very least leave a message with the problem, what you have tried, and where things stand right now. An RT ticket should still be created, but it is imperative to contact Darryl or Patrick so that he can help and is also in the loop.

Broken Equipment

  1. Broken equipment should be labeled appropriately to identify it as malfunctioning.
  2. A ticket should be put into RT so that we can track that it has been fixed
  3. Fix/replace expeditiously


Due to the large number of exploits that take advantage of Java through browser hacks, it is Law School Tech Department policy to NOT install Java on end point work stations unless specific business or academic needs require it. If there are specific business or academic needs for a java installation please email with a short description of the need and a request for the software and it will be installed. (Example: Person A has a program that requires Java to interact with a grading or other web technology.) 

Campus Software Licenses

Software that has a campus wide license can be installed on any Law School or University purchased / owned computer. If the computer was purchased with University funds, the software can be installed on it. If it was purchased with personal funds (even though the user may occasionally use it for business purposes) it is not eligible for a campus license. Please note that many software licenses are available for very reasonable prices through DoIT. (For example, Office is frequently less than $20.)

Assisting in Technology Purchases

Tech is responsible for answer all technical questions related to a purchase and assisting in determining the best purchase when using campus funds.  Once a final choice has been made, something similar to the email template below should be sent to the person purchasing the item.  Josh will make the actual purchase, and knows about all things financial, he needs us to finalize the purchasing decision and answer any tech related questions.

Dear <name>

Based on our conversations of what is needed, the link(s) below is what needs to be purchased.


Please forward this information along with the funding information to Josh Cutler ( for purchase.

If you have any questions about what is being ordered, please contact, we'll
answer any questions and make sure the right pieces are being ordered.  Josh will answer any
funding related questions.


Video Adapters for classrooms

When computers are ordered, we'll strongly encourage that the correct adapter be purchased, and provide the purchasing information so that it can be purchased when the request for the computer is forwarded to Josh.  Ideally, it will just be listed with the computer as something to be purchased, with a little intro info that the adapter was added to the computer purchase since it will be needed if the computer is ever used a presentation machine in order to hook up to the AV equipment.

Tech will provide one adapter per year to an instructor (ie faculty/adjunct/clinician), tech has latitude to make exceptions in cases of need, but faculty should be responsible for care of their adapter.  Beyond the 1/year, faculty will need to purchase the item (tech will provide any necessary info to facilitate), FISC/professorship or personal funds can be used.

The policy on students remains unchanged, loans with some sort of collateral so that we can track them down if it isn't returned.

Power Adapters for Laptops

We'll pay to replace broken power adapters, extra or missing power adapters need to be replaced by the department/fisc/professorship.


The Law School supplies one primary computer to each employee.  While this is generally a desktop you can discuss alternative needs for a laptop in lieu of a desktop with the tech department.

FISC and professorship funds may be used to purchase laptops and tablets.  Both may be purchased, but not in the same fiscal year.
Each may be replaced on a three year cycle.

Neither FISC nor professorship funds may be used to purchase cell phones.

Neither FISC nor professorship funds may be used to pay for or reimburse data plans or internet service.

Orders for IT equipment should be placed by May 1st each academic year.  Of course exceptions may be made in reasonable circumstances.

Any equipment purchased with FISC, professorship, or any other university funding source is the property of the Law School. Should you leave the Law School, all equipment purchased with university funds is to be returned to the Law School.

All IT equipment purchases are to be ordered through and delivered to the Tech Department so they may be set up and properly protected.


We will soon be articulating the standard furniture package for faculty offices.

Office furniture and paint are not allowed on FISC or Professorships.

University funds may not be used to outfit home offices.

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